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Gift Yourself- from Brittany Washburn

Cyber Monday Prep

By Brittany Washburn

Grades K-8 Technology Integration

What teacher wants to spend the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas break lesson planning meaningful, engaging activities? We want to sit back and just make it to break without going gray.

This year, I want to help with that goal. These are my favorite low-prep technology-integrated activities that will impress your administrators without causing you one bit of stress.

This complete unit is great for upper elementary students. Each concept has an instructional video and foldable activity for an interactive notebook. The best part is that by the time your students have had all 14 lessons, they will be able to create the most incredible PowerPoint presentations without any of your help. Imagine how impressed their classroom teachers will be if you send them back with the ability to make a professional presentation without asking for help along the way!
Every student needs research skills. This 7 lesson unit provides them with all of the steps for responsible and effective online research and all of the work is done for you (the teacher). Simply load the Microsoft Word files to a password-protected page on your class website and then step back and watch the learning unfold. With right-there questions from the linked learning modules, your students can complete all 7 lessons independently. End the 7 weeks of lessons with a research project and I guarantee it will be the easiest 2 months of classes ever! (This assumes you see your students once a week like me- timeline may vary)
For your youngest students, teach them Microsoft Word skills with these instructional videos and Word templates. It will require your students to be readers so that they can follow simple text directions. I do these lessons with late first grade or beginning 2nd graders (sometimes both, depending on the group of students and their skill retention). Also note that I have similar units for PowerPoint and Excel.
I don’t know about how it is at your school, but this time of year when the technology breaks (projectors, laptops, iPads, etc.) teachers freak out. That is why I developed units that require very little of my input. I am always being pulled out of my classroom to go fix something. When a TA or a teacher has to trade places with me, I can walk away confidently because I know my students won’t need much help. These also make great substitute plans. Last school year I had to be out for a week unexpectedly, and it was so stress-free because I just used a unit like these for each grade level.
How do you stay sane this time of year? Are you organized in your planning? Do you have the required I Can Statements¬†for your classes? Join my stress-free teaching lifestyle. You can thank me later ūüėČ

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Follower Appreciation Week – Flash Sale Finale Friday

Giveaway and Sales
By Brittany Washburn

It’s the final day of our follower appreciation week and we are going out with a bang! Not only will we be announcing our four giveaway winners, but we will also be having an out of this world deal you won’t want to miss! Are you ready for the big surprise? Hold on to your hats because this one is going to be super fast! Tonight at 7pm (EST) sharp we will be having a $5 FLASH SALE FOR 5 MINUTES ONLY!!!! We are marking down some of our biggest bundles priced between $20-$26 to only $5 but only for 5 minutes so you’ll have to hurry! That’s 75-80% off!!! You may want to get your shopping carts ready ahead of time! Below are the five bundles that will be marked down to $5 tonight.





Thank you again to all of our followers! We hope you have enjoyed our follower appreciation week!

Follower Appreciation Week – Thankful Thursday

Giveaway and Sales

By Brittany Washburn

Day four of our five day celebration is really what our whole week is about РYOU!  We hope that you have been taking advantage of the deals and goodies we have been offering so far!

What are WE thankful for? Thanks for asking!

Jen: I am so thankful for the Teachers Pay Teachers/blogging community. I feel like a better teacher because of your many ideas, resources, pictures, encouragement, and support. Teaching is tough, but when you surround yourself (literally AND virtually) with positive, like-minded people, the never ending to-do list and constant demands feel more rewarding instead of daunting. THANK YOU for following me and being a piece of my inspiration!

Meredith: I am so thankful for my followers’ feedback and suggestions! When one of my resources works well in a classroom or homeschool, it is one of the best things in the world to hear! I am also thankful when someone shares an idea for a way to improve a resource or make it more useful. With so many amazing resources readily available on TpT, we have a full and diverse homeschooling experience. Thank you to my followers and the TpT community!

Brittany: I am thankful every day for my followers. You motivate me to keep creating even when I’m having writer’s block. You inspire new ideas and help me improve my products with your feedback. Thank you for pulling all of this creativity out of me. I look forward to our continued collaboration! Thank you for following me.

Kelsea: I am so thankful to God for allowing me to do what I love and for my TpT followers! I feel very blessed to be able to stay home with my precious kiddos while still using my teaching talents to create resources for other teachers. It is such a joy to read feedback from teachers who are using my resources in their classrooms. I read every piece of feedback and am constantly learning from you all how to better my products. I appreciate you all more than you could know!

April: I am thankful for all the love and support I get daily from teachers who use my resources! I have never experienced such a positive community of people as I have running my little store! I have received encouraging letters, positive praise, and helpful tips. My words cannot begin to express the love I have for all of you! Thank you for always being a bright spot in my day!

Now that we have shared what we are thankful for, it is your turn – of course, with a little reward for sharing your story!
Visit each of us on Facebook to find the THANKFUL THURSDAY post Рleave a comment to let us know what you are thankful for Р teaching related or non-teaching related!
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Follower Appreciation Week – Wishlist Wednesday

Giveaway and Sales
By Brittany Washburn
Thank you for joining us for our Follower Appreciation Week!
Together with 4 other blogging friends, we have teamed up to bring you a huge giveaway with special events each day of the week. Today we are marking down our top wishlisted products in each of our stores by 50%!

 Click on the picture(s) below to go directly to each product page. 

Technology I Can Statements Bundle for Grades K-5

Word Problem Task Cards, Fractions, 4th Grade (QR Codes) Common Core

Place Value and Whole Number Unit
Sequencing Sort Skill Center
Place Value Bingo *Base 10 Blocks*
Check back tomorrow to see what we are offering for “Thankful Thursday.” Be sure to check out our Giveaways (Yes there are 2) and enter to win these amazing prizes!

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Follower Appreciation Week – $2 Tuesday

Giveaway and Sales

By Brittany Washburn

Today is DAY 2 of our follower celebration! ¬†If you missed yesterday, here’s the run down! ¬†I have had the good fortune of collaborating with these wonderful ladies for the last few months.¬†We have all hit a big milestone and would like to give back to the people who made it all happen: ¬†

Our followers!

This week, we have loads of discounts and giveaways planned! ¬†All you have to do is follow us to know¬†what the deal is going to be and enter to win the big prizes like…

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Today is $2 Tuesday!  We have chosen some of our favorite products to showcase for just $2!  You can click on the links below to check them out!

Brittany Washburn – She is the technology guru and has some pretty amazing Pinterest boards!

Meredith Anderson – This girl is brilliant and has some great engineering and math ideas!

Cupcakes & Curriculum РShe has the cutest stuff!  I am sure her kiddos LOVE her class!

Teacher Gems – This girl has tons of wonderful products that range from elementary to clip art!

Schoolhouse Diva – Here are some of my favorite resources! ¬†I’m a math girl at heart, but I do change it up occasionally!

The deals keep getting bigger, so follow us to find out what’s happening this week and to enter to win prizes!

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Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for more amazing deals on Wishlist Wednesday!

Follower Appreciation Week – Math Markdown Monday

Sales and Giveaways for 5 days.

By Brittany Washburn

Today is the first day of a five day celebration of our wonderful followers! Since we were all nearing a level of followers that warranted a giveaway, we decided to join forces make this a huge week long celebration just for you! What can you expect this week? Giveaways, $2 dollar deals, and discounts on many of our best-selling resources! You can also enter for a chance to win a $100 grand prize ($50 in TpT gift certificates and $50 to spend at our TpT shops) or one of three $25 TpT gift certificates (scroll to the bottom of this post to enter).


Today is Math Markdown Monday! Each of us has discounted one of our best selling math resources by 20%.

Read on for the details!

Schoolhouse Diva has discounted Math Restaurant Menu Bundle (grades 2 and 3). Solve and reason your way through math problems using a restaurant menu!
Schoolhouse Diva
Schoolhouse Diva
Math Restaurant Menu Bundle (2nd - 3rd)
Math Restaurant Menu Bundle (2nd – 3rd)
You don’t want to miss Brittany Washburn’s Multiplication and Division Review (grades 4 and 5) with 15 packs (that’s 70 pages!) of mystery pictures:
Brittany Washburn
Brittany Washburn
Multiplication and Division Review Mystery Pictures BUNDLE
Multiplication and Division Review

Mystery Pictures BUNDLE


Up next from Cupcakes and Curriculum is Second Grade Math Center: S’MORES THEME (grades 1-4) which includes 8 math stations:


Cupcakes and Curriculum
Cupcakes and Curriculum
Second Grade Math Centers: S'MORES THEME
Second Grade Math Centers:


Teacher Gems is discounting First Grade Math Agents: Common Core Aligned Math Print and Go Activities (grades K-2) which includes cut and paste activities, worksheets, and puzzles:

Teacher Gems
Teacher Gems
First Grade Math Agents: Common Core Aligned Math Print and Go Activities
First Grade Math Agents: Common Core

Aligned  Math Print and Go Activities

Meredith Anderson is discounting Geometry for 1st Grade MEGA Unit: Fun with Shapes (grades K-1), which includes cut and sort activities, posters, and a craft:

Meredith Anderson
Meredith Anderson
Geometry for 1st Grade MEGA Unit: Fun with Shapes!
Geometry for 1st Grade MEGA Unit:

Fun with Shapes!

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Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for more amazing deals on Two Dollar Tuesday!

Science Lesson – Earth Day Webquest

Intermediate Science Lesson

By Brittany Washburn


Send your students to the computer and let them work independently through 8 interactive websites. A reading passage with vocabulary is included to help them answer the 4 essential questions. In my classroom I have my students answer the questions in their notebooks so that I can check for understanding when I review their notebooks. This can be done all at once (45 minutes for most students) or over several days in the classroom.

For more science webquests, check out my TpT Store, Blog, and Pinterest Boards

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