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Surviving the Last Weeks of School

By: Shametria L. Routt, The Routty Math Teacher


It’s April!! For me this month means a time for celebration—it’s my birth month. For many Americans though, it’s a most dreaded time of the year because it means that they have to send a very large check to the government for the amount of tax debt they did not pay during the 12 months of 2016. For teachers, it means we are entering the home stretch and the last weeks of the school year. Now, any parents who have happened upon this blog post are saying—why is this a problem. But, as teachers, we all know that:

Last weeks of the school year = Crazy time!

Managing student engagement and behaviors at the end of the school year can be a challenge for even our most experienced teachers. Trust me when I say that keeping them engaged is how to win the battle. The more engaged they are in tasks that are both developmentally appropriate and challenging, the less off-task behavior they will display.

Having been an educator for the past 14 years and experiencing 14 end-of-year crazy times, I would like to share some of my favorite problem solving and critical thinking strategies I used to keep my students engaged during the last weeks of the school year.

Read more here. 

Social Skills All Year

by Kathy Babineau

Grades KG – 5th


This kit contains 240 cards covering seasonal scenarios and topics. For each month of the year (including summer months), there are 4 Topic Talker cards, 4 Role Playing cards, 4 Facial Expression/Body Language cards, 4 Problem Solver cards, and 4 Perspective Taker cards, for a total of 20 cards for each month of the year. Cards are simply marked with the month of the year, but they can also be mixed and matched throughout the year if you would rather not focus on themes.

The Topic Talker Cards offer suggested topics of conversation, many of which are related to timely topics and holidays. Some other generic school based topics have been included in order to be sensitive to students who may not observe particular holidays. These topic talker cards are helpful for students who are trying to work to maintain on-topic exchanges with peers, addressing attention to conversation and even general expressive and receptive language.

The Role Playing cards also address many timely topics. When using the Role Playing cards, I like to have multiple teams role play the same scenes, because there may be several correct ways to “act out” the situation. It is also fun sometimes to role play the situation in an inappropriate way and then discuss why it may be hurtful or inappropriate or offensive. Be sure to brainstorm and discuss how body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice and word choice are all important to communication.

The Facial Expression/Body Language cards are fun to use to think about and practice ways that we communicate with our faces and our bodies.

The Problem Solver cards offer students opportunities to think about social situations, analyze the problem and generate practical solutions. There is not always just one correct answer to these problems.

The Perspective Taker cards encourage students to put themselves in a situation or in someone else’s shoes and decide how they might feel.

To use this kit, simply print out all sheets and then cut apart and laminate (optional) the cards, and you are good to go! They are all in black and white (except the cover page) to go easy on the color copying budget.

I hope you like this and find it helpful when working with your students!

Kathy Babineau

Here are a few other social skills products you may like:

Super Problem Solvers

Social Skills for Teenagers

Social and Safety Skill Discussion/Question Cards

Complete ELA Summer School Bundle

Complete ELA Summer School Bundle will provide you all of the lessons, materials, and activities to teach summer school- ZERO prep involved! From introduction activities and procedure slides (introduced using fun memes) to specific reading and writing strategies that have been the most beneficial to my struggling readers and writers.


For many years, I too taught summer school. There are so many benefits to taking on this very important role, but I will admit that I was driven by the money! I also distinctly remember not wanting to spend all of my precious summer planning and crafting curriculum! That is why I created this unit bundle! Let my experiences do the work for you! What I have done is compile lessons from my curriculum that will most benefit the struggling reader and writer. I start summer school by teaching close reading strategies (which I call “talking to the text). Then I spend the remainder of summer school continuing to practice these strategies through every unit. The first few days of this unit bundle include detailed lesson plans to help you best support your students with these close reading strategies. Then, each added unit contains its own detailed lesson plans. A unit outline will support your planning of each of these lessons! This unit bundle will give you everything you need to teach summer school in a way that dramatically improves the reading and writing skills of your students!

See the preview for a visual of each of these units or click on the links below to view each product individually!
Close Reading Strategies (Text Annotation to Support Reading Comprehension)

Teach your students how to use close reading strategies to improve reading comprehension and written analysis. This gradual release method will encourage your…
Summarizing Fiction Lesson, Guided and Collaborative Practice, and Assessment!

Teach your students how to create a concise and objective summary of a fiction text with this simple, easy, step-by-step method. Students will be able to…
Summarizing Nonfiction Lesson, Graphic Organizers, & 12 Differentiated Texts

Teach your students how to create a concise summary of nonfiction texts that are free from personal judgements or opinions with this simple, easy, step-by-step…
In-Text Citation Lesson, Practice, and Assessment, MLA 8th Edition

The MLA 8th edition lesson on incorporating textual evidence (quotations with parenthetical citations) will help your students learn: -How to create an in-text citation with and without an author’s name. -How to lead into or out of a quote with the student’s own words. -How to pepper a quote…
Plot/Literary Elements GAME!

The plot/literary elements game activity fosters a shared writing experience for students in the creation of a fun, creative, and often hilarious story…
Compound Sentences with FANBOYS Lesson, Stations, Practice, & Assessment

Teach your students how to create compound sentences with FANBOYS conjunctions! This Lesson will provide your students with explicit explanations using mentor…
Semicolons and Conjunctive Adverbs Lesson, Practice, Games, and Assessment

Teach your students how to create compound sentences with semicolons, and compound sentences with semicolons and conjunctive adverbs! This Lesson will provide…
Complete Tone and Mood in Literature Bundle + Connotation and Denotation

Teach your students how to understand the complex topic of tone and mood in literature! 1. Lesson on Tone and Mood 2. Lesson on Connotation/Denotation 3. Tone…
Short Story Unit Bundle – “Cemetery Path” with Tone and Mood

The ultimate short story bundle! “Cemetery Path” by Leonard Q. Ross is an excellent, scary, thrilling short story to engage your learners. This complete pack…
-30 Page Reader’s Workshop/Independent Reading Book Log
-Introductions, a get-to-know you game, and classroom procedures memes!


Save nearly ten dollars with this unit bundle!

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June Teacher Talk

Posted by Deann Marin of Socrates Lantern

It’s June Teacher Talk time…..many of you are finished with school now and breathing a sigh of relief.  Sit back, relax and read some informative blog posts from our veteran educators. 

Have a well deserved summer vacation.

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End of the Year Musings

 I always approach the end of the school year with mixed emotions, though I’m ecstatic to be out for summer vacation, I always feel a little sad saying good-bye. Many of my soon to be 7th graders hug me and leave with tears in their eyes, knowing that our little family will no longer be together. All the trials and tribulations, the challenges, the fun times and sad times will always be with us, but it will never be the same.


A Portfolio to Remember – Part 2: Creating the Masks

By Retta London of Rainbow City Learning

How to make life cast masks with your students, and how to use the masks to decorate a keepsake writing portfolio.


Summer Review Going Into Grade 2

Avoid the summer slide with this NO PREP resource. The beachy themed pages include daily math and reading skill practice for children about to enter 2nd grade. Perfect for parents to use and teachers to give!


But All You Do is Play!

The work of young children is play! Playing is how young children interact with and learn from the world. Building language skills in children does, indeed, involve a lot of play. 


Get out of Post-it Purgatory

Are you a TpT seller or just someone with a LOT on your to-do list? This free, online tool will change your life!


More Than Just Art!

Mandalas are much more than just art! This simple geometry lesson not only creates beautiful classroom displays, but reinforces geometric concepts.


End of the School Year Ideas!

Here are my top end of the school year ideas!


Math, Monet & Measurement

Inspired by a visit to Monet’s garden in Giverny, a teacher shares her experience and inspires an investigative math project. Students create centimeter, millimeter, and decimeter garden models while learning about Impressionism and Claude Monet. Inspired math!


End of the Year Musings


By Deann Marin of Socrates Lantern

Baby Canada GeeseI always approach the end of the school year with mixed emotions, though I’m ecstatic to be out for summer vacation, I always feel a little sad saying good-bye.  Many of my soon to be 7th graders hug me and leave with tears in their eyes, knowing that our little family will no longer be together. All the trials and tribulations, the challenges, the fun times and sad times will be always be with us, but it will never be the same.

Reflecting back to the beginning of the year, I remember how small they were when they first entered my room, some shy and nervous about their first few days, others acting cool trying to impress their peers., especially those they don’t know. The first hurdle over, they’ve opened their lockers. Simple process for some while others end up in tears because they can’t figure out how to do it. By the end of the year, they look back at this and laugh at themselves.

How strict I am the first few weeks, trying very hard not to crack a smile. This is the time to get them into shape. so that we all have a great year. They learn the rules and always test me.  Finally, after awhile, I can let my hair down and be myself. I can crack jokes, they can joke around and we can all laugh together. This is when real learning takes place, and to see their “ah ha,” moments is what teaching is all about.

I love 6th graders, the majority are so willing to learn, that it makes teaching rewarding and enjoyable.. One of my favorite things is our morning discussions. Their backgrounds are quite diverse and I learn something new almost everyday. Many are knowledgeable about a lot of things and they’re eager to share. They can talk about whatever is on their mind, and they feel safe doing so. We are now, officially a family and I’ve become their surrogate parent.Sandhill Crane Flying

As I say good-bye, each of my kids takes a part of me with them.  I feel certain that I’ve given them the support, strength and confidence to move on to seventh grade.   The time has come for them to spread their wings a fly.

When I close the door for the final time, I take comfort in knowing that soon I’ll have another bunch of little chickadees to bring up.


Have a wonderful summer








On a closing note, please download my free, School Memories, you can use this for the last day of school.


Here are a few more items


Something for the end of the year and something for the beginning.



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Teacher Talk June

TpT Language Arts Lesson – Writing For Real Purposes: Fun Summer Lists!

Have you noticed that in the last few weeks of the school year, it gets more challenging to motivate kids to write? Many seem to only have the energy and patience for tasks that have real purpose. And let’s face it, kids are far more motivated to do what we do or what they see others excited about.




The Writing For Real Purposes: Fun Summer Lists storybook provides a model of students discussing how various types of lists are useful to them, and the lists they have made. (If you purchased this pack last year, simply download the update that now includes the storybook!)

Summer is an ideal time for making plans and getting kids involved in making lists. Being mindful of meeting them where they are, it is important to communicate flexibility in terms of the expectations for how the lists are filled in. Because some children may be writing while others are copying or drawing, each printable has a lined and unlined version (except for the Friends contact lists which have ‘mostly girls’ / ‘mostly boys versions’).

Think of the possibilities of summer vacation….

Packing Lists…

10 page storybook lessonSlide1

(Excerpts shown from here)


One of the storybook pages

5 Stuff to pack blank - Copy 7 Food list blank

Slide7 11 Things to pack for Water Fun

Lists for Summer Socials…

Slide6 Slide5

Slide10 Slide35

Lists of wishes, favorites and nostalgia…

Slide13 1 Summer Bucket list blank.png - Copy

Slide30 Slide16

Whether they draw or paste pictures, dictate to us while we scribe, print in hieroglyphics or phonetically spelled words, when students make real world connections to their own writing, it becomes its own reward!

Write for Real Purposes: Products and Freebies!

Th1 Th1

Th 1 Father's Day cover 300
Thank you for being my Reading Buddy!

Best wishes to all of you as we enter the last month of the school year!

That Fun Reading Teacher

2015 TpT Store Prof pic circle 200

May Teacher Talk

Posted by Deann Marin of Socrates Lantern


It’s May, only a short time till you can kick back and take a break. To help get you there, we have have so many things to share with you in this edition of May Teacher Talk. There are posts about engaging your classes till the end of the year, end of the year memories, summer stem activities, number writing instruction, reading comprehension ideas, iPad Apps for learning, advice for teacherpreneurs and so much more.  So sit back, relax and take a look at our posts.

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A Portfolio to Remember

By Retta London of Rainbow City Learning

Ways to pull together a show-stopping portfolio collection for every student at the end of the year.

Tips for Engaging Your Students Through the End of the Year

The end of the school year is just around the corner. You’re looking forward to summer vacation and so are your students, but you still have at least 6 or more weeks left, so what do you do to keep those children tuned in to learning.


Flash Freebie, TpT Milestone Celebration!

By Thia Triggs of Print Path

This Number Writing product is one of my best sellers. It is yours free, for a limited time!


 Are You Getting Overwhelmed the last few months of School?

By Mary Moore of Moore Resources

Don’t Stress the Last Few Months of School! It is so hard NOT to get overwhelmed, especially the last month or so of school! Read below on some tips and resources I always try to remember….at


Can You Make 200 of Them?

By Susan Berkowitz of Susan Berkowitz

It takes 200 opportunities per day for an augmentative communication user to learn how to use the AAC system. We need to provide those opportunities within the context of daily activities & routines. Here are some suggestions on how to do that.


Summer STEM Olympics

By Kerry Tracy of Kerry Tracy

Teachers, does the end of the year find you struggling to provide meaningful, enjoyable lessons? Never fear, Summer STEM Challenge Olympics are here! (Includes modifications for grade 2 – 8.)


Wacky days in May and activities to go with them!

By Lisa Robles of LisaTeachR’s Classroom

Get some stress out from testing! Do some fun activities with special days in May and some wacky ones!


Comprehension is as Easy as ABC

By Kathie Yonemura of Tried and True Teaching Tools

A tried and true teaching tool to ensure student engagement and comprehension while reading!


iPad Apps for Kids- a 6-Part Blog Series

By Shametria Routty of the Routty Math Teacher

iPad and tablet use in the classroom has gained much popularity over the last few years and they’re being used nationwide as engaging learning tools for students. “iPad Apps for Kids” is a 6-part blog series featuring cool math iPad apps that can be used for intervention, tutoring, and summer practice tools for all students, inside or outside of the classroom setting. While all of the apps are free, you may have to make a purchase for a nominal fee to take full advantage of the app’s features; however, the free aspects are very useful and engaging just the same. 


What I Have Learned on TPT-Part 2

By Marcy Howe of It’s a Teacher Thing

Read some of my top discoveries on my teacher-author journey.


April Teacher Talk

It’s April, only a few more months to go till the end of the school year. We have have so many things to share with you in this edition of April Teacher Talk. So sit back, relax and take a look at our posts.

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April is Poetry Month

 I just love teaching poetry and spring is the perfect time. For me, inspiration comes from being outside, perhaps walking on the beach inhaling the salty ocean air, or just walking through the woods with my husband and beautiful husky who is no longer with us. Oh and April is Poetry month.


Make a Splash in April

By Retta London of Rainbow City Learning

Step by step instructions for an art project to motivate students for “April is Poetry Month”.


Scientific Method: Neglect & Regrets

Are your students mere collectors of data, or do they analyze & interpret data? This blog relates an epiphany I had that changed my science-teaching game for good!  


Autism & Learning to Use a Public Restroom: Tips for Parents and Teachers 

By Thia Triggs of Print Path

Learning to use the bathroom in public places or at school can be a struggle for children on the spectrum. Read this post for tips on how to make the process of using new bathrooms fun, interesting, and successful!


More Core in Shared Reading for AAC Users

By Susan Berkowitz of Susan Berkowitz

This post is about using core words and more descriptive teaching rather than referential teaching. Not only does this encourage higher level thinking skills, it means AAC users can more easily participate in comprehension activities.


Don’t Let the Pencil Craze Get to You!

Mary Moore of Moore Resources

Are pencils driving you crazy? Students not having a pencil? Losing them? Breaking the tip? The pencil craze got to me too! It doesn’t need to! During my student teaching we had cups with pencils at each group that we sharpened every morning and ensured there were plenty in each cup, which was great! That was in first grade. Over the years, I became use to about 2-3 students per class not having a pencil, therefore, I always purchased a box or two at a time and handed pencils out to those students. This year was a little different for me and the pencil craze got me! So many lost pencils, broken pencil tips, or students just didn’t have a pencil. I felt pencil cross eyed! A solution must be found!!! After much thought I came up with my “Pencil Station”!


Nothing Like Non-Fiction

By Kathie Yonemura of Tried and True Teaching Tools

Using non-fiction will renew the love of learning in your classroom! Immersing students in reading & writing workshop: use non-fiction to teach note-taking, text features and formats!


Calculator Challenges

By Shametria Routt of The Routty Math Teacher

Calculators are wonderful tools for the classroom and can provide valuable learning opportunities for our students. In fact, in the Common Core State Standards for Math, Mathematical Practice Standard 5 requires that students use “tools strategically.” To support this goal, this series includes 4 calculator-based activities that can be used to challenge your students in the mathematics classroom.


EdTech Tips: Google My Maps

By Lisa Robles of LisaTeachR’s Classroom

Ways to use Google My maps in the classroom!


8 Highly Effective Practices for Teaching Printing

By Thia Triggs of Print Path

Don’t have time to take to a class? Improve the effectiveness of your handwriting instruction with these easy to follow research-based tips!


What I Have Learned on TPT-Part One

By Marcy Howe of It’s a Teacher Thing

Advice from one teacher’s journey to becoming a teacher-entrepreneur on TPT. This four-part blog series includes strategies for finding help and feeling success.


Georgia, Poppies & Poetry

By Tracy Wills of Wild Child Designs

This post outlines how to use sentence stems and visible thinking routines to respond to Georgia O’Keefe’s art. It includes some great picture book recommendations as well!


April is Poetry Month

By Deann Marin of Socrates Lantern


virginia-live-oak-440351_1920 smallI just love teaching poetry and spring is the perfect time. For me, inspiration comes from being outside, perhaps walking on the beach inhaling the salty ocean air, or just walking through the woods with my husband and beautiful husky who is no longer with us.


I want my classes to experience the wonderful feeling of just being outside and creating. That’s why I  teach poetry in April or May, new awakenings, flowers coming up, birds beginning to nest, and the warmth that replaces the winter cold.  So I pick a sunny day, take the class outside and have them write a nature poem using all of their senses. I tell them to breathe in the fresh air, so we take some deep yoga breaths, then sit on the grass and listen to the sounds of nature with closed eyes, making notes of what they hear, the things they see, and what they feel.

We might also hug trees, smell flowers and listen to the sounds of insects while watching them complete their instinctual activities.  One of my favorite things to do is to have the kids find a tree to lie under, to look up through the branches at the sky, or to watch the leaves fluttering in the breeze. To listen to the sound of birds and watch little insects buzzing about their business. I ask them to look at the colors and to pretend that they are the color, or the insect, or the bird, or the tree.  I want them to feel the strength of the tree and realize how secure and grounded the tree is because of it’s roots that run so deeply under the ground.

My students have created  some amazing poems from this activity and many of them have gotten published in a book entitled  Celebration of Young Poets-Creative Communication, Inc. The web address is

This is an example of a poem that a 6th grade student wrote after completing this activity. To tell you I was blown away by this is an understatement.

Azure Drake

Azure blossoms at my feet

Beside the road smelling sweet

To the shade of a Sycamore tree

Swaying branches over me…..Whispering

Footsteps coming down the path

An ancient one with wooden staff

Long white beard and cloak blue smeared

Electric eyes not to be feared…Scintillating

A Druid friend from long ago

The magic words sure to know

Staff held high over azure flowers

Secret words of light and power…..Conjuring

Rustling in the indigo bed

Rising up scales, tail and head

Wisdom eyes, majestic wings

Breath of lightning, Dragon sings…..Thundering

Climbing on blue scaled back

Soaring on white cloud track

Snow capped mountains, Seas of sand

Born of air Free of land….Dreaming

by Sean Hayden


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April Teacher Talk Word Press

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Let’s Review the Alphabet Bundle

Letter Review Cover

This packet provides numerous opportunities to review all of the letters of the alphabet. It’s perfect for review at the beginning or end of the school year. It’s also a great tool to keep students practicing over summer.

All products in this bundle are aligned to the common core standards for kindergarten.

This bundle contains all of the following products:

Letters A-E Review Pack
Letters F-J Review Pack
Letters K-O Review Pack 
Letters P-T Review Pack
Letters U-Z Review Pack

Each Review Pack Contains:
**Letter Writing Practice (capital and lowercase)
**Letter Puzzles
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**Letters Books
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**Match and Color
**Find and Graph the Letters (capital and lowercase versions)
**Dot the Beginning Sound
**Color by Letter
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One Step Closer Teaching

Super Profession Certificates

A rare and unique set of 16 A4 certificates that recognizes students as young professionals and rewards them for their work within a specific subject. Great for inspiring students to continue with their hard work and efforts!


super-professionals-certificates-p4 super-professionals-certificates-p2









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MISCELLANEOUS LESSON-SPANISH COLORS- Vocabulary & Word Search @ Colorea tu Helado Favorito

This Coloring Package is an amazing resource to practice spelling colors, and having fun doing the Coloring Activity. Great package for Elementary students and for fifth grades students who never had Spanish before. This lesson may be included in the “Moving Up” packages where fifth students can see how easy Spanish vocabulary can be, use a dictionary to complete the word bank, do the word search and complete the Ice Cream Coloring activity.

SPANISHCOLORSVocabularyWordSearchColoreatuHeladoFavorito (1)-page-003 (1)SPANISHCOLORSVocabularyWordSearchColoreatuHeladoFavorito (1)-page-001 (1)SPANISHCOLORSVocabularyWordSearchColoreatuHeladoFavorito (1)-page-002


It contains

1) 12 colors vocabulary/assessment worksheet with word bank

2) 12 Colors Word Search- Make it a game. Divide students in small groups and give stickers to winning groups or homework passes.
3) Ice Cream Coloring Activity -The top part of the ice cream is free so students can color their favorite ice cream and answer the question – What is your favorite Ice Cream?



To Pin this Lesson


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The Great Kapok Tree- The Rain Forest Animal Project

The Great Kapok Tree- This Amazonian Tale to your class. Your students will be delighted to hear all the Amazonian animals speaking to the young man. Inspire your students to create their own rain forest.
GREAT SUB PLAN FOR JUNE The Rain forest project was designed to allow your students to cut and color 14 animals creating their own Rain forest drawing. They can replicate the scene from the Great Kapok Tree and surround the young man with the animals of the Rain Forest.

Lesson Plan

1- Distribute drawings to students. Provide a piece of 12X14 construction paper. Students should cut and create a Rain Forest drawing and label each animal.
2- Students complete the color/noun simple sentences writing prompt. For example. The ant is red. They can also make compound sentences. The ant is red and big
3- Collect and provide feedback
4-Ask students to submit project and final prompt
5- Students can work in both word search and bookmark


Drawing: You can grade 14 animals and labels = 28 +2 for creativity & neatness = 30

Prompt The 10 sentences X 2= 20 points

Total scales will be 30+20= 50/50

This will be an easy way for them to succeed in the project. Project will require at least two days.


Have students work on Rain Forest with a sub. If they finish early have them work on bookmark and Word Search.


Back to School Bundle – Greetings and Class Rules in Spanish-Ice Breaker Prompt





This Back to School bundle will allow you to begin your Spanish class the right way. The first vocabulary set has all the rules and regulations for your class. Your students will recognize about 80% of the cognates included. It also has a contract where students can copy in Spanish the 13 expressions. Great tool to show them, they can easily write in Spanish and have a full document written using writing prompts. The second set has two pages of greetings and courtesy expressions conveniently written so students can copy the writing prompt and create their own dialogue. You can have within two weeks not only written samples from your students but dialogues written in full Spanish and presentations. Awesome way to display your wonderful teaching skills.

BacktoSchoolBundleGreetingsClassRulesinSpanishIceBreakerPrompt-page-002BacktoSchoolBundleGreetingsClassRulesinSpanishIceBreakerPrompt-page-003 BacktoSchoolBundleGreetingsClassRulesinSpanishIceBreakerPrompt-page-004
Enjoy!!! It satisfies Communication Standard 1.1,1.2 and 1.3


SPANISH END OF YEAR- MI VERANO- Verbs Power Point/Poster Project with Rubric

SPANISHENDOFYEARMIVERANOVerbsPowerPointPosterProjectwithRubric (1)-page-001 (1)SPANISHENDOFYEARMIVERANOVerbsPowerPointPosterProjectwithRubric (1)-page-001 (1)

This interactive End of Year Lesson will allow you to have a fun project with your class. The lesson was to introduce AR/ER/IR verbs and combine it with a list of summer activities that your students will be engaging on during summer break. It is a great review of verbs and daily activities. It also can be used to increase conversational skills as students can introduce each other in five minute presentations that can be read straight of their posters or Power Points.

It contains
– Summer Vacation activities including the translation keys
– Writing prompt in conjugated in the first person to create poster
– AR/ER/IR Word Search
-AR/ER/IR  Cross Word Assessment

1- Allow students to create a presentation in Spanish describing their
Summer plans
2- Develop Speaking proficiency as students read their presentations to the class
3- Develop Listening skills as the students hear other students’ presentations and take notes

1- Go over activities vocabulary page with students. Let them work on translating themselves using dictionary /notes.
2- Ask students to complete the Writing prompt for all the statements. Explain to students that names of shows, artist, place and people do not require translation.
3- Ask students to pick 10 activities and to create a Power point slide for each activity. If they wish they can also do a poster using drawings, magazines cutout or clip art to represent activities.
4- Each student will share their Power Point for 5 minutes with the class. They can either show the Power Pointpresentation or show the poster. Grade the poster.
5- The class takes notes and students take turns to translate each presentation. Notes can be in English.
6- Collect projects and grade.
7- Students can compete for Word Search. Divide in small groups and first group to finish gets homework pass.
8- Criss Cross Puzzle- You can use it as a Quiz

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Fun Summer Lists – Writing for Real Purposes!

Fun Summer Lists cover.png - Copy

Many children today do not have much appreciation for the world of paper and pen. The electronic world is far more seductive and even the adults in their lives are likely spending time on laptops or smartphones. Guilty as charged over here.

While building writing skills may come easily to some children, it can be overwhelming and exhausting to others. What is in it for them? They simply must see a point to it for real-world purposes, and receive positive feedback.

Kids do see us make lists – even if we make them on our smartphones. And kids do what we do (not necessarily what we say!)

For our purposes today, writing will mean any communicating in print. We’re talking about Kindergarten to grade two or three students of varying abilities.

Our goal is to help them understand why they are learning to write, buy into it and know that they are contributing members of society, who are appreciated for the contribution they are making by doing so!

Think of the possibilities for planning a day trip, or vacation….

Packing Lists…

5 Stuff to pack blank - Copy 6 Stuff to pack lined - Copy

7 Food list blank 8 Food list lined - Copy.png

11 Things to pack for Water Fun 12 Things to pack for Water Fun - lined

The Social and Wish Lists…

1 Summer Bucket list blank.png - Copy 2 Summer Bucket List lined - Copy

4 Friends - boys.png - Copy 3 Friends - girls.png - Copy

9 Guest List blank - Copy 10 Guest list lined - Copy.png

Lists about stories and games…or anything really!

16 Fav Stories 18 Stories I want to read 17 Books I read this summer

13 Games I really like 14 Games I really want 15 Apps and Games that help me learn

Whether our child / student draws or pastes pictures, dictates to us while we scribe, prints in hieroglyphics, or phonetically spelled words, we need to make this real world connection and commend them for making the effort. Especially in the summer!

Fun  Summer Lists is included in a WRITING FOR REAL PURPOSES bundle called Summer Literacy Fun Pack, with Summer Fun: Reading and Writing through Play pictured below.

These products were inspired by a post I wrote last summer (also pictured below) and by the effectiveness of these types of activities with my own children and students. I hope you enjoy them. Think Summer! It’s just around the corner!

Best wishes to all of you as we head into the final month of school!


That Fun Reading Teacher 

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By Christina L

Grades 1-3

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Free Summer Reading Passages with Comprehension Questions

Cover all the important days, events and themes of each month with my monthly reading passages.
This is a small example of my monthly reading passages.
They can be used as a quick warm up, in reading centers or for homework.
It includes 4 reading passages with 3 comprehension questions each:
• Flag Day
• Buzzing Bees!
• Popsicles! (The Invention of the Popsicle)
• Great White Sharks
Also included is one worksheet for recalling 4 facts they have learned.

Check it out here.


Thanks for looking!

Christina L

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FREE MISC. Lesson – Kindergarten End of the Year

High school seniors are not the only ones that will be wearing caps and gowns this May and June!  Did you know that some kindergartners will be dressed as little graduates too?  They wear these for the closing ceremonies at the end of the school year.  But . . . technically, they have a few more years of school before they can get a high school DIPLOMA!

FREEBIE ALERT!  I made 4 printables with a few kindergarten skills in mind.  I know that you have worked on these types of skills all year long!  It’s a “Cap and Gown” theme.  There are two language arts review sheets and two math review sheets.

The printable in the photo shown below is a coloring activity.  The children read the color words and color each gown appropriately.

end of the year kindergarten gowns

Identifying Color Words

The next printable will review with the hard /c/ and hard /g/ sounds.  Children look at the picture and circle the letter that has the same beginning sound as in the word “cap” or as in the word “gown”.


Caps and Gowns

How many times did you practice counting this year?  Here’s a printable to practice that skill once again!  Children count the number of caps within each group and circle the appropriate numeral.


One to One Correspondence

The last sheet is a graphing activity.  Children create a horizontal bar graph to show more caps than gowns.  They answer a few basic questions about the graph they made.


Graphing Caps & Gowns


If you’re a kindergarten teacher, I hope your students will enjoy using these printables during one of their last days of school this year.  To get the freebie, click on the image shown below.  Then download and save it to your own computer or flash drive.

free-end-of-the-year-kindergartenPost created by Molly McMahon, Lessons by Molly

Lessons by Molly’s Teachers Pay Teachers Store

Lessons by Molly’s Blog



Download 32 free lessons to use in your classroom at the end of the year or have your students do during their summer vacation!

TBOTEMC WP End of the Year Free Lessons Pinterest Logo PNG

End of the Year Free Lessons By The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative – 2015


End-of-the-Year Games and Reflection Activities

End of the Year Bulletin Board FREEBIE!

End of the Year Mystery Person (Freebie)

Graphing Your Way to Summer 

Popcorn and Movie Day!  Theme Days for End of School!

Printables: A Summer Bucket List 

Summer Homework

Summer Time Math Centers: 10 More 10 Less

You’re O-Fish-Ally a _____!  Student Gift Tags

End of the Year Baggie Toppers {Freebie!}

End of Year Reflections

End of School Memory Book

Free Graduation Clip Art from Charlotte’s Clips

My Year In…An End of Year Memory Book


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FREE MISC. LESSON – “End of the Year Free Lessons By The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative – 2015”

by Victoria Leon

Pre-Kindergarten – 8th Grade

Download eighteen free lessons to use at the end of the school year or have your students do during their summer vacation. Enjoy these lessons by members of The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative:

* Summer ABC 123 

* Ice Cream Sundae Summer 

* A Calendar filled with Fun & Motivating Speech-Language Activities 

* My Book of Numbers: 0-10 

* How to Draw Using Lines & Curves: Free Sample Tulip, from Print Path 

* School’s Out 

* Summer Bucket List Pennant Banner Worksheet 

* Free End of Year Who is Who in My Class and Autograph Booklet 

* Year End Balloons

* My Vacation Memory Book

* Summer Slide 

* End of the Year Scoot

* 1 – 2 Review 

* End of the Year Writing Activity Freebie

* School Memories Grades 3-6

* What Will Life Be Like in 5,000 Years? 

* Presidential Wall 


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Logic Problems to Last The Year

Logic problems are a fun way to keep kids engaged, especially at the end of the year. My store is packed with these that may be purchased for a dollar a piece or in bulk for a discounted price. Why not plan ahead and take care of all the holidays at once with one of my logic problems to last the year packets.

This original packet was made to challenge students in third through fifth grades, but some of these problems are tough and most likely would meet the needs of older students in the regular classroom. 

The booklet contains twelve logic problems from the first day of school until the Tired Teachers at the end. Along the way, students will tackle challenges centered around Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas (2), Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, April Fools Day, Easter, and Mother’s Day. Right now it’s set at a reduced price of $8.75, so please check it out.

If you teach younger kids, no worries, I have the materials for your kids, too, with Logic Problems to Last the Year (Book II) for grades 1 – 3. This mini version of the original book contains six logic problems surrounding the holidays of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and our American Independence Day. These matrix logic problems contain one grid to challenge our bright younger students, but once again, they could also challenge an older child in the regular classroom. Book II sells for the reduced price of only $3.95.

If you like logic or any activities to challenge bright students, please check out my store at:


Keeping Students Learning All Summer

 photo Summer slide_zpsv4rcg9nl.png

Preventing the summer slide is such a big issue  for teachers and schools. Personally I hate sitting down with parents at beginning of the year conferences and informing them that their child has a lower reading level at the start of the year than they had at the end of the previous school year.

When I was first asked about how teachers can keep kids learning all summer, I thought… adopt? After all, children spend their summers away from us, and out of our control unless they are our own. Thinking about it a bit more though, honestly the answer is to adopt, but not the children, adopt the parents. Adopting the parents means cultivating an excellent relationship with the parents of your students, and making yourself available to them at any time. How far you go with this depends on your personal comfort level. At the start of every school year I create a private blog for parents and I to communicate on, hand out my school email, and personal cell phone number to parents. I send postcard though the mail, make regular phone calls, and even do home visits. When the school year ends I still have parents checking in on our class blog, sending me texts from vacation, and email asking for how to help their child over the summer.

It is not too late though, to increase parent communication and prevent the summer slide. Check out my top 10 tips below which will all be on my classroom blog, but can be sent one in a newsletter at the end of the year. Read on

End of School Craziness

Perhaps you’ve seen the owls circulating Facebook.

I am totally the owl on the right; so to celebrate all of us losing our minds, I’ve created a logic problem about us at the end of the year. It’s called Tired Teachers, and it might give your third through fifth grade students a chuckle when they read about what exhausted teachers do in May.

You may purchase this little gem for just $1

Plus it comes complete with an answer key-a necessity because let’s face it,

We’re Tired!

If you like logic, please check out my store. I have 

plenty of problems to challenge bright kids.

End of School

FREE MISC. LESSON – End of the Year Alpha-Numeric Codes

“Have a safe summer”, “See you next year”, “Don’t forget to practice your multiplication tables!”  These along with many goodbye hugs are the send-off messages teachers and principals use on the last day of school.  By the time children are in the third grade, they can easily finish these farewell messages for you.

Students LOVE solving alpha-numeric codes!  My latest FREEBIE combines end-of-the-year expressions with alpha-numeric codes.  These can be used with grades first through third.

end of the school year expressions

End of the School Year Messages

Here’s how it works.  Students are given an alpha-numeric key.  The letters from the year-end message are included in the key.  A letter is used once in the key regardless of how many times it is used within the message.  Then, the letters are assigned numerals.  One numeral is positioned above each letter.

end of the school year activities

Read Lots of Books!

Blank lines are printed below the key.  There is one blank line for every letter within the message.  Blank lines are grouped together to spell one word.  Space is placed between groups of blank lines to separate words.

alphabet-numeral codes

Last Day of School Send-off Messages

Students use the alpha-numeric key to find and write the appropriate letters in the blanks.


An End-of-the-Year Message!

The finished work reveals the end of the year message which the children can then read!

We want our students’ activities to be rich and meaningful.  In order for alpha-numeric decoding activities to transcend to that level, we MUST provide students with the opportunity to CREATE their own codes!  Otherwise, it’s just a fun activity without causing higher order thinking to take place.  Included with this freebie is a page where students finish writing the numerals above the designated letters.  The numerals can be written in random order or a number pattern such as skip counting could be used.  Then, they write the numerals below the blanks to create the coded message.  They trade papers with a classmate and solve the message.

make your own code

Finish the Code and Plot the Message

Get your FREEBIE by clicking on the image shown below:

end-of-yearIf you have students that are ready for the challenge of creating a coded message with little on no support, you can also grab the page shown below.  It will provide students with detailed directions on how to create a coded message.  Due to the level of difficulty, this page is not included in the file above.  If you have advanced students that are gifted in this area, they will eat this up!


Make a Coded Message

Post created by Molly McMahon, Lessons by Molly

 Lessons by Molly’s Teachers Pay Teachers Shop

Lessons by Molly’s Blog

Spring into Grammar (Part 2) for Grades 4-6

By Deann Marin at the Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs

Socrates LanternHeader Graphic small

Offering for Educators, Comprehensive Teaching Aides. If you’d like to see what else I have to offer please visit my store.

Spring has sprung the grass has riz, I wonder where the birdies is? This is what was going through my mind as I made this item. It is a spring grammar bundle for grades 4-6. Included are  worksheets to help reinforce the 4 types of sentences (Interrogative, Declarative, Imperative  and Exclamatory), Contractions and  Possessives. 

Click on image to visit Socrates Lantern's Tpt Store

Click on image to visit Socrates Lantern’s Tpt Store




Pages    3–4             Teacher Instructions

Pages    5-7              Four Kinds of Sentences

Pages    8-10            Spring into Contractions

Pages    11-13          Spring into Possessives

Pages    14-19          Answers


  • Four Kinds of Sentences:
  1. If the sentence is Declarative put a D on the line, if the sentence is Imperative put an I on the line, if the sentence is  Interrogative put a ? on the line , if the  sentence is                Exclamatory put an E on the line.  Put the correct punctuation at the end of the sentence.  * Some sentences may be Imperative and Exclamatory, so put I, E .
  2. Write 2 sentences for each type:  Declarative, Imperative,  Declarative, Interrogative. Be sure to use  correct punctuation.
  • Spring into Contractions:
  1. Write the contraction for the words you see in the box.                                                                    
  2. Write the long form of the contraction.
  3. Choose 10 contractions and write sentences using them.
  • Spring into Possessives  
    1. Write the possessive for each sentence.  (his, our, mine, your, hers,  ours, their) One word is used twice.
    2. Put a line under the possessives that are written correctly.
    3. Choose 10 possessives and write a sentence for each one

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      Graphics by My Cute Graphics



      Copyright© 2014 Deann Marin (Socrates Lantern)
      All rights reserved by author.
      Permission for downloads to copy for single classroom use only. Electronic distribution limited to single classroom use only. Not for public display.

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Book Review Banner and Report Activities 1

TPT book banner activities Final blog pic jpeg

Need a great activity to finish out the school year?

This unit includes three engaging activities that are perfect for any time of the year. They can be used with any book! The best part is that they make a super cute display in your classroom.  It’s a fun way for the students to look at the elements of a story. You may choose to have them all do the same book, but I love letting them pick out the book of their choice. It’s a great way to get them motivated about reading!

Activities included: Book Review Banner, Book Review Trifold(brochure), and book report(graphic organizer and final draft)

Visit my store for more great products! Click the follow me button and be notified when new products are added!

Happy Teaching!
Third Grade to the Core





School Memories Grades (Grades 3-6) FREEBIE

By Deann Marin at The Best of Teachers Entrepreneurs

Socrates LanternHeader Graphic small

Offering for Educators, Comprehensive Teaching Aides. If you’d like to see what else I have to offer please visit my store

This is an end of the year FREEBIE for grades 4-6 called,”School Memories.” Children are to add a photo of themselves or draw one, and answer some questions about their school year. There is also a page for autographs. It will be so nice for the kids to look back at this and remember their wonderful school experiences. I truly hope that both you and your class enjoy using this FREEBIE. 

School Memories 8X8 Cover

School Memories 1

School Memories



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Tpt Store


Graphics by My Cute Graphics


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End of the Year Arithmetic Game and Worksheet Bundle (Grades 2-4 & Sp.Ed.)

 By Deann Marin at the Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs
Socrates LanternHeader Graphic small

Offering for Educators, Comprehensive Teaching Aides. If you’d like to see what else I have to offer please visit my store.

Has it ever seemed like the school year will never end and you find yourself counting the days and hours until summer vacation. You are in desperate need of some fun learning and reinforcement activities for your class because they are already on vacation. I’ve been there and I know exactly how it feels, so, I have created an End of the Year Arithmetic Game and Worksheet Bundle that may just do the trick.
End of the Year addit,subt,mult,div board game for grades 2-4 8x8 Cover
This is an end of the year arithmetic fact review that can be used for grades 2-4 and Special Education it consists of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts from 1-12. All of the facts are on flash cards that may be used for the card game, “Spring into Summer War,” and the board game, “Spring Up, or Fall Down.” There are answer sheets for the class to use to make sure they have said the correct answer. When games are finished, there are worksheets that can be used as class work or homework. Just for fun, some pictures are at the end for coloring.
What’s Inside:
Pages 4-7         Instructions for Teacher
Page 8              Spring Up or Fall Down Game Board
Pages 10-12     Addition Tables Answer Sheets
Pages 13 52     Addition Cards
Pages 54-56     Subtraction Tables Answer Sheets
Pages 57-80     Subtraction Cards
Pages 82-84      Multiplication Tables Answer Sheets
Pages 85-122    Multiplication Cards
Pages 124-126  Division Tables Answer Sheets
Pages 127-166  Division Cards
Pages 168-183  Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication
                           & Division Worksheets
Pages 184-200 Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication
                     & Division Answer Sheets
Pages 201-202 Pages to Color

Graphics by
My Cute Graphics
Ta-Doodles Illustrations


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