FREE MISC. LESSON – “Medical Spanish Made Easier (SCI, Health, Spanish, ESL, etc.)”


11th – 12th Grade

This is a great resource you can use again and again. It has:

Pronunciation of Latin American Spanish, 
Easy Phrases For Medical Situations, Etc; 
Longer Medical Context Material; 
Handy List Of Medical Vocabulary; 
Spanish Grammar Sketch. 
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The Spanish herein is the more informal Latino Spanish actually used by most students from Latin America rather than the formal Castillian of Spain so there are some differences in grammar, spelling and or vocabulary even as there are with American and British English.

This is supportive of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) but does not thereby or otherwise imply any approval from the founders or others of the CCSS.

TEN GOOD REASONS TO BUY THIS RESOURCE PACKAGE: There’s 1. enough material to last and last, 2. reusable over the years, 3. buying it is more convenient than trying to make all this yourself, 4. students enjoy the fun, learning word game parts, 5. my word searches uniquely don’t just teach words in isolation but also the information with them, 6. the package is complete with reading components, tests with keys, other handy and helpful material at a more than fair price, 7. a purchase with a “fair rating” will give you TpT bonus points for reducing cost; 8. clicking Follow Me brings access to when sales will be etc, 9. it looks and is professional, 10. its teaching with fun means students enjoy it and so you’ll love their staying busily learning like happy bees at the honey hive of knowledge, your classroom, even as they were in mine when this or similar resources were used.

Thanks for your consideration and please come again,

J. Mason Emerson

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