Be a Snowflake Detective: Sparkling Crystal Fun & Facts

By: Sparking Children’s Thinkibility

Grades Kindergarten-4th Science, Geometry, Winter

All a snowflake detective need is snow, a magnifier glass and patience. As with all beauty, part of the allure is mystery. And snowflakes are beautiful.

Understanding snowflakes is not as simple as it might sound. But one thing is certain, namely that inner working of the way ice crystals grow in the clouds is a process that is still a bit of a puzzle to scientists.

A snowflake begins life as a dust particle in a cloud. If it is cold, water vapor condense on the dust and crystals are formed. The crystals grow and grow and eventually they become too heavy and large and a snowflake falls out of the cloud.

snowflake pin

This package contains:

  1. How many snowflakes can you see?
  2. Life cycle cards
  3. Different types of snowflake cards
  4. Think diving – What is the connection between ice crystals and a snowflake?
  5. Fun facts
  6. Snow Words
  7. Sparkling Crystal Dictionary + Add your own words
  8. Ask the Snowman Sparkling Questions about Snowflakes and Crystals
  9. How Does a Snowflake Grow?
  10. Can you make a giant snowflake?
  11. Describe a snowflake
  12. How to grow a snowflake?
  13. Imagine strong winds
  14. Random inspiration and Symmetry Using a Snowflake Dice (template included)
  15. Imagine different colors
  16. Snowflake Math Detective
  17. Story writing – What if the seasons get mixed up?

I love mind mapping and you can download a mind map for free here.

Link to the Be a Snowflake Detective: Sparkling Crystal Fun and Facts

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