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November Teacher Talk

Posted by Deann Marin of Socrates Lantern

It’s November Teacher Talk Time…..Can you believe that Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. Time sure flies.  We have so many great tips and ideas for you from awesome educators. Be sure to take a look at what everyone has to say.

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Politics, Elections & Voting, Oh My!
By Deann Marin of Socrates Lantern

We educators, need to have faith that students care enough about our democracy to become voices of change.

Holiday Self Care
By Retta London of Rainbow City Learning

My message today is about some ways that you might consider in taking care of yourself during these always fast paced couple of months ahead.
It Depends on the Angle – Complimentary and Supplementary Angles
By Vicky Rauch of Scipi

Since most students are visual learners, I try to visually help them remember definitions. This is how I visually taught them the difference between complementary and 
supplementary angles.

Why Does U Always Follow Q in English Spelling?
By Gini Musmanno of Reading Spotlight

Have you ever wondered why the letter U always follows Q in English spelling? Here’s the answer.

Do You Know These Top 5 Core 2-Word Phrases?
By Susan Berkowitz of Susan Berkowitz

Far too many students never make it to the symbol sequencing stage of AAC use. Whether because of presumed lack of potential or lack of knowledge about how to move students along beyond single words, we end up with many AAC users who are not communicating as competently as they could – and need.


Avoid Comparing Adjectives That Are Absolute
By Charlene Tess of Charlene Tess

Something can be unique, but not more unique.

Free Art DecoChristmas Tree Coloring Pages to Support St Jude’s Childrens Hospital
By Margo Gentile of Margo Gentile

Get some free “Art Deco” Christmas coloring pages with links to powerpoint tutorials showing how to make Christmas graphics using basic shapes. 

Five Tips for Teaching Literary Analysis Writing in Grades 5-8
By Marcy Howe of It’s a Teacher Thing

Learn five practical tips for teaching one of the most challenging genres in writing.

Preserving History
By Kathie Yonemura of Tried and True Teaching Tools

History books (& Hollywood) have often depicted Native Americans in very stereotypical and often degrading roles. Researching and creating scrapbooks of California tribes highlights the important relationship between the regions and natural resources, dependence on the land, as well as their beliefs.

Reasoning with Evidence & Persuasive Thinking
By Tracy Willis of Wild Child Designs


Raise your hand if you wish your students would support their thinking with evidence! Visible thinking’s Claim-Support-Question is a great way to build your students’ capacity. This post explores how reasoning with evidence can flow across your curriculum with one BIG thinking routine!

Complete ELA Summer School Bundle

Complete ELA Summer School Bundle will provide you all of the lessons, materials, and activities to teach summer school- ZERO prep involved! From introduction activities and procedure slides (introduced using fun memes) to specific reading and writing strategies that have been the most beneficial to my struggling readers and writers.


For many years, I too taught summer school. There are so many benefits to taking on this very important role, but I will admit that I was driven by the money! I also distinctly remember not wanting to spend all of my precious summer planning and crafting curriculum! That is why I created this unit bundle! Let my experiences do the work for you! What I have done is compile lessons from my curriculum that will most benefit the struggling reader and writer. I start summer school by teaching close reading strategies (which I call “talking to the text). Then I spend the remainder of summer school continuing to practice these strategies through every unit. The first few days of this unit bundle include detailed lesson plans to help you best support your students with these close reading strategies. Then, each added unit contains its own detailed lesson plans. A unit outline will support your planning of each of these lessons! This unit bundle will give you everything you need to teach summer school in a way that dramatically improves the reading and writing skills of your students!

See the preview for a visual of each of these units or click on the links below to view each product individually!
Close Reading Strategies (Text Annotation to Support Reading Comprehension)

Teach your students how to use close reading strategies to improve reading comprehension and written analysis. This gradual release method will encourage your…
Summarizing Fiction Lesson, Guided and Collaborative Practice, and Assessment!

Teach your students how to create a concise and objective summary of a fiction text with this simple, easy, step-by-step method. Students will be able to…
Summarizing Nonfiction Lesson, Graphic Organizers, & 12 Differentiated Texts

Teach your students how to create a concise summary of nonfiction texts that are free from personal judgements or opinions with this simple, easy, step-by-step…
In-Text Citation Lesson, Practice, and Assessment, MLA 8th Edition

The MLA 8th edition lesson on incorporating textual evidence (quotations with parenthetical citations) will help your students learn: -How to create an in-text citation with and without an author’s name. -How to lead into or out of a quote with the student’s own words. -How to pepper a quote…
Plot/Literary Elements GAME!

The plot/literary elements game activity fosters a shared writing experience for students in the creation of a fun, creative, and often hilarious story…
Compound Sentences with FANBOYS Lesson, Stations, Practice, & Assessment

Teach your students how to create compound sentences with FANBOYS conjunctions! This Lesson will provide your students with explicit explanations using mentor…
Semicolons and Conjunctive Adverbs Lesson, Practice, Games, and Assessment

Teach your students how to create compound sentences with semicolons, and compound sentences with semicolons and conjunctive adverbs! This Lesson will provide…
Complete Tone and Mood in Literature Bundle + Connotation and Denotation

Teach your students how to understand the complex topic of tone and mood in literature! 1. Lesson on Tone and Mood 2. Lesson on Connotation/Denotation 3. Tone…
Short Story Unit Bundle – “Cemetery Path” with Tone and Mood

The ultimate short story bundle! “Cemetery Path” by Leonard Q. Ross is an excellent, scary, thrilling short story to engage your learners. This complete pack…
-30 Page Reader’s Workshop/Independent Reading Book Log
-Introductions, a get-to-know you game, and classroom procedures memes!


Save nearly ten dollars with this unit bundle!

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Summarizing Fiction Made EASY!

Teach your students how to create a concise and objective summary of a fiction text with this simple, easy, step-by-step method. Students will be able to effectively condense a complete summary into three sentences. Students will be able to identify the protagonist, the character motivation, the conflict, rising action, and the resolution in these three sentences! This step-by-step method will make this process easy for your students.

Lesson and complete lesson plan

– Two fun and engaging guided practices and partner collaboration practices

– Differentiated assessment options. Four short stories will allow your students to read through an appropriately leveled text as they work to create their concise and objective summary!

– Graphic organizers to support students as they draft




CCSS Aligned:

No Prep Plans!

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Other Writing Lessons/Units You May Want to Consider!
Introductory Phrases with AAAWWUBBIS, Lesson, Stations, Games, Practice, Poster!
Compound Sentences with FANBOYS Lesson, Stations, Practice, & Assessment
Writing the Argument Essay Complete Unit Bundle + Student Interactive Notebook
Literary Analysis Made Easy (Digital and Printable!)
In-Text Citation Lesson, Practice, and Assessment, MLA 8th Edition

Free Writing Support!
Sentence Structure Posters
To Be Verb Poster Freebie
Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Literary Analysis- Digital & Printable!

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Math Lesson – “Common Core Assessments – All 3rd Grade Math Standards!”

By: Thirdgradetriumph

Grades: 3rd (could enrich 2nd graders or be used as progress monitoring RTI for 4th graders).


Check it out in my store by clicking the picture above!


Are you tired of searching all over the internet to find quality math assessments that are not only aligned to the Common Core, but can also be used as a progress monitoring tool or an enrichment tool? Well then search no more, because this is the set of assessments for you! These assessments are aligned for the 3rd grade common core, but can also be used to review 4th grade math concepts and to enrich 2nd graders. These are quality assessments that will help you determine if your students have achieved mastery of a particular standard and these assessments will help you differentiate your math instruction too! The progress monitoring graphs included will allow you to keep data on your students progress and you can even manage tier 1 interventions if you use the RTI (response to intervention) model. Answer keys are provided in this product along with two quality assessments for each math standard in third grade.


Check out my TPT store!

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Free Language Arts Lesson “Clip Cards and a Gift Card”

It’s “Back to School” season and I have a few goodies for you!  I’m excited to let you know that I am hosting a giveaway!  Teachers Pay Teachers issued a gift card to me so that I could promote my store.  Thank you TpT!

One lucky contestant will win a $10.00 gift card good toward teaching resources (or clip art) at the Teachers Pay Teachers website.

There’s only one requirement on the Rafflecopter to enter the contest.   A second task can be done to increase your odds of winning.  You’ll need to hurry!  The contest ends on August 23, 2016!  Although the contest will be short-lived, Teachers Pay Teachers gift cards NEVER EXPIRE!  They may not be used with purchase orders.

Click the image shown below to visit my blog and enter the Rafflecopter contest!gift cardIf you’re a kindergarten or first grade teacher, you will like the second goodie.  It’s a complete set of FREE alphabet clip cards.  If you’ve never used clip cards as a center activity, I highly recommend them.  They’re easy to put together and provide hours of learning engagement.  You’ll need a package of clothespins and some bright colored cardstock paper.  This file prints with black ink.  letter identification activityChildren match the uppercase letters with the appropriate lowercase letters by “clipping” the clothespins to the appropriate answers.  It’s best to program the answers on the backs of the cards with a highlighter or circular stickers.  This way, the center becomes self-checking.  tips for creating literacy centersLetter knowledge is a kindergarten skill.  However, there are many first graders that require additional practice . . . especially at the beginning of the school year when they are recovering from the “Summer Slump”.  Additionally, many children enter first grade feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by their new grade level requirements.  Providing struggling first graders with a center that they can complete at 96% to 100% accuracy builds their confidence in working independently.  teaching alphabetClick on the image shown below to get the alphabet center freebie!free alphabet clip cardsThat’s all for now.

Copyright 2016 Lessons by Molly


lessonsbymolly@pinterestlessons by molly

FREE LESSON: Reading Ladder of Complexity

By:  The Owl Teacher

Grades 2-5

With the new common core, we now have to make sure our students are reading at their highest able level and that their text is more complex than before.  It’s in the standards, whether anyone likes it or not.

During a reading workshop that I attended, I heard about this idea that helps release students gradually into the world of more complex texts.  It’s called using the ladder of complexity.


Here students start reading a book that they would normally choose and then work their way up to a more complex text.  They also explain why they believe the book is more complex.  Of course, you can always make sure you instruct students on what makes a text more complex.  There is more detailed information on my blog where you can download this free organizer.  Just click here.

Happy Teaching!


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Halloween Fun! Pre-K, Kindergarten, & First Grade

I love these newly refurbished leveled math and literacy no-prep worksheets. They still have enough color to be printed and laminated as dry erase stations, but work really well printed in black and white as worksheets or packets.   

This product is leveled so as to meet the needs of diverse learners in PreK, Kindergarten, and First. 






I Can Write and Represent Halloween Numbers:
4 levels, 21 pages,
Math – Quantities
*Draw and write to represent quantities 1 – 20.
*Subitizing skill reinforcement: base ten frames.




I Can Write About Halloween:
4 levels, 20 pages
Literacy -Nouns
*Fun descriptions of Halloween themed objects.
*Practice reading and writing number words, one to twenty.




Handwriting – Letter and Number Practice!

*Go-Dots encourage correct top to bottom formations.
*Path tracing enhances motor accuracy.
*Visual models are placed for both right and left-handed children.
*Single stroke letter formations are modeled that are compatible with Handwriting Without Tears or Zaner-Bloser style fonts. 

See them here or

Download a free sample of Leveled Halloween Math and Literacy no-prep worksheets or stations 

Print and Go Math Bundle

Do you need help providing math MAP test prep? This bundle provides students with a daily dose of Operations & Algebraic Thinking,  Real & Complex Number Systems, Geometry, and Statistics & Probability problems for the 211 – 220 RIT Band. Visit Dr Crystal Brown TpT Store to preview and order your bundle. Bundles for other RIT Bands are available. Each bundle includes 40 weeks of practice problems.

Using Calendars for Number Fluency and Handwriting Skills. Pre-K, K, and First Grades

Have you ever passed out a blank calendar and half of your class finishes it in two minutes and the other half are unable to complete or even crying over the frustration of not being able to understand what to do?

How would you like to easily differentiate so that you could meet the needs of all your learners and help each one learn a bit?

Read on!

Color Math Stations, 48 pages.

No-Prep, Print & Go, Black and White worksheets, 60 pages.

Free Samples, September, 2015, 9 pages.



Subtracting Fractions with Regrouping

Imagine you work at a pizza parlor, and you have three slices of pizza and nine whole pizzas in the warmer. A group of hungry kids dart into the shop and want more than three slices. What are you going to do? This power point walks students through the process of borrowing fractions.



Students will practice the skill with multiple problems.


if you’d like to purchase this lesson for the Promethean Board, you may find an active software program at:

 I have a lot of math lessons, 

so please stop by.