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Math Lesson – “Common Core Assessments – All 3rd Grade Math Standards!”

By: Thirdgradetriumph

Grades: 3rd (could enrich 2nd graders or be used as progress monitoring RTI for 4th graders).


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Are you tired of searching all over the internet to find quality math assessments that are not only aligned to the Common Core, but can also be used as a progress monitoring tool or an enrichment tool? Well then search no more, because this is the set of assessments for you! These assessments are aligned for the 3rd grade common core, but can also be used to review 4th grade math concepts and to enrich 2nd graders. These are quality assessments that will help you determine if your students have achieved mastery of a particular standard and these assessments will help you differentiate your math instruction too! The progress monitoring graphs included will allow you to keep data on your students progress and you can even manage tier 1 interventions if you use the RTI (response to intervention) model. Answer keys are provided in this product along with two quality assessments for each math standard in third grade.


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Math Lesson – “Engaging Math Centers 3rd Grade Standards”

By: Thirdgradetriumph

Grades: 2nd, 3rd, and 4th






Let’s play a math game! This huge pack of over 80+ pages of card games, board games, and assessment activities to practice 3rd grade math CCSS. This is a perfect way to jazz up your math centers and instruction with this fun and engaging pack! Be sure to check out the preview!

What’s included:
Math Go Round (practice essential math skills in this fun activity around the room. Get’s students up and out of their seats) – Assess a majority of 3rd grade math CCSS

Division Bingo (fun and engaging way to review division concepts) – 3.OA.7

Divide-O! (fun card game designed to review and practice division) – 3.OA.7 and 3.OA.5

Fractiontastic (fun and engaging activity to complete around the room. Also, a great way to review fractions!) – 3.NF.1, 3.NF.2, 3.NF.3

Expanded Form Headbandz (practice standard and expanded form with digits up to the hundred thousands with the classic game headbandz. You don’t need the actual game to play this one, you can make your own headbandz out of sentence strips and paperclips!) – 3.NBT.1

Don’t get it Twisted (practice multiplication facts with TWISTER. You don’t need the actual game of twister to play this. You can, like I did, make my own twister game mat by using white butcher paper and printing out the appropriate colors as the circle spots, then laminating for durability.) – 3.OA.7


This pack is sure to engage your students and have them coming back for more! It’s a perfect way to break away from the ordinary and have your students practice math concepts in an engaging and fun way. They will have so much fun that they will forget they are learning/reviewing. My kids always beg for more!


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Classroom Commands- Play Simon Says in Spanish-Great ICE Breaker






This worksheet set is extremely useful to teach students in Middle School and High school Classroom Commands. The vocabulary list with 12 commands and a work bank will allow you to teach them 12 basic expressions that they can use easily. In addition the second worksheet will allow them to review Classroom objects. Students can use a dictionary or their word bank to fill both pages. Once the vocabulary has been introduced students will use both pages to write their own commands. They can write individually or in small groups. They can present them to the class. This interactive package will satisfy Communication standards 1.1 where students produce information in the target language and 1.22 where they understand and interpret spoken language. One student can read the commands in Spanish and have the others perform them. it is quiet an entertaining an engaging activity. The vocabulary worksheet can be used for assessments and the command performance can give you a listening comprehension assessment grade. Enjoy these entertaining and engaging package.

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