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Labor Day -Spanish Word Search & Criss Cross Puzzle- BONUS:Las Profesiones



Great Lesson to celebrate Labor Day in your Classroom. This lesson was designed to practice cognates and to teach students about the celebration of Labor Day in May in most Latin American Countries. You will also have a Community Workers in Spanish Word Search.

1) Word Search= 24 sentences and words (For example)

2) 14 Labor Day Cross Word Puzzle with Spanish word bank full of cognates. Great dictionary practice for your students. Have them work in groups of two to figure out the answer. Homework pass for the winners.


3) Profesiones. This Word Search is a very good introduction to Professions full of cognates. Perfect cool homework assignment



*** Las Profesiones Thematic Unit- This full Professions in Spanish lesson can help introduce and practice the vocabulary related to community workers.


*** Las Profesiones-Spanish Professions- What they Do and Where they work?- This comprehensive unit combines vocabulary for professions, with verbs AR/ER/IR and locations. Great way to teach students how to write sentences.



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Classroom Commands- Play Simon Says in Spanish-Great ICE Breaker






This worksheet set is extremely useful to teach students in Middle School and High school Classroom Commands. The vocabulary list with 12 commands and a work bank will allow you to teach them 12 basic expressions that they can use easily. In addition the second worksheet will allow them to review Classroom objects. Students can use a dictionary or their word bank to fill both pages. Once the vocabulary has been introduced students will use both pages to write their own commands. They can write individually or in small groups. They can present them to the class. This interactive package will satisfy Communication standards 1.1 where students produce information in the target language and 1.22 where they understand and interpret spoken language. One student can read the commands in Spanish and have the others perform them. it is quiet an entertaining an engaging activity. The vocabulary worksheet can be used for assessments and the command performance can give you a listening comprehension assessment grade. Enjoy these entertaining and engaging package.

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SPANISH END OF YEAR- MI VERANO- Verbs Power Point/Poster Project with Rubric

SPANISHENDOFYEARMIVERANOVerbsPowerPointPosterProjectwithRubric (1)-page-001 (1)SPANISHENDOFYEARMIVERANOVerbsPowerPointPosterProjectwithRubric (1)-page-001 (1)

This interactive End of Year Lesson will allow you to have a fun project with your class. The lesson was to introduce AR/ER/IR verbs and combine it with a list of summer activities that your students will be engaging on during summer break. It is a great review of verbs and daily activities. It also can be used to increase conversational skills as students can introduce each other in five minute presentations that can be read straight of their posters or Power Points.

It contains
– Summer Vacation activities including the translation keys
– Writing prompt in conjugated in the first person to create poster
– AR/ER/IR Word Search
-AR/ER/IR  Cross Word Assessment

1- Allow students to create a presentation in Spanish describing their
Summer plans
2- Develop Speaking proficiency as students read their presentations to the class
3- Develop Listening skills as the students hear other students’ presentations and take notes

1- Go over activities vocabulary page with students. Let them work on translating themselves using dictionary /notes.
2- Ask students to complete the Writing prompt for all the statements. Explain to students that names of shows, artist, place and people do not require translation.
3- Ask students to pick 10 activities and to create a Power point slide for each activity. If they wish they can also do a poster using drawings, magazines cutout or clip art to represent activities.
4- Each student will share their Power Point for 5 minutes with the class. They can either show the Power Pointpresentation or show the poster. Grade the poster.
5- The class takes notes and students take turns to translate each presentation. Notes can be in English.
6- Collect projects and grade.
7- Students can compete for Word Search. Divide in small groups and first group to finish gets homework pass.
8- Criss Cross Puzzle- You can use it as a Quiz

Feliz Verano!


Humpty Dumpty Fluency Pyramids

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This product includes: 

A full color anchor chart of the Nursery Rhyme with illustration
5 Fluency Pyramid Reader’s Task Cards
P.E.A.R Fluency Self-Evaluation Rubric
Teacher’s Instruction Sheet
CCSS Correlations 

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