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This is one of my favorite months – for one thing it is a festive season marked by the advent of Easter – and then, it’s National Poetry Month where an appreciation for all things poetic is fostered.

Now, we all know that in order for our students to write creative poems, they must have a sound knowledge of the poetic devices that play an instrumental role in impressing the reader, so with this in mind, I designed 120 QR Codes (40 color, 40 blackline, 40 answer codes) to make conceptual knowledge more concrete. Instead of me lecturing about the elements of poetry, students can find out for themselves by scanning the QR code on each card, writing their responses, and then checking the answers. Now isn’t that learning by Inquiry in itself?



Wish you a Happy Easter and creative National Poetry Month 🙂

Laurane Rae@TeachToTell




{QR CODE: Fractions with Bunny Belly Task Card

QR CODE Fractions With Bunny Belly contains 36 task cards.Each task card has a figure and students can write the fraction for the shaded part of each figure on the answer sheet and then scanning the QR code to check their answer.

This product is appropriate for reviewing and reinforcing the fractions. 

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Time For Review!!

Lots of Bingo Games, Task Cards w/ QR Codes, and many other ways to review your year’s worth of lessons – just in time for end of year testing!!

Great Review Games!

Great Review Games!

Fun for the whole class!

Fun for the whole class!


Kids love Bingo – and in each of these games they will actively review the processes you’ve taught for counting money, telling time, finding perimeter, area, and volume, fractional parts, and identifying, adding, and subtracting decimals.  Tons of fun for students, and easy review activities for teachers!

FREE MATH LESSON – “Free Counting Song 1-20 (MP3)”

by Renee Dawn

PreKindergarten – 12th Grade

Counting Song PNG

How do you get kids to behave, calm down, clean up, transition, do homework, time out, stand and stretch? It’s all made easier with a soothing voice counting the numbers 1 – 20 over relaxing music with a soft beat.

This “magic timer” counts numbers like a heartbeat. It is one beat per second, plus intro and fade-out; one minute of music in all. It’s a great behavior management tool to help kids calm their minds and focus on the task at hand. You can replay it for an extended countdown.

It’s also perfect for teaching kids to count numbers 1-20, as the pronunciation is slow, clear and correct.

It’s not just for kids! If you would like a minute of relaxation, then cup your palms over your eyes as you listen to this…

It’s FREE, so enjoy it…and if you would kindly leave your rating and feedback it would be greatly appreciated!

I hope you find this MP3 useful and helpful, and if you’d like to try the longer version it’s here:

Counting 1-100 Song MP3

Skip Counting Song MP3

MP3 length 1:07

© 2014 Renee Dawn

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Welcome to Teacher Ink—Tools to Teach, Calm & Inspire Kids!

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April Reading Passages with Comprehension Questions


Here are some April non-fiction reading passages filled with lots of fun facts. Use them as a quick warm up activity, for early finishers or in a reading center.

• 8 April themed reading passage, each with 3 comprehension questions
• Worksheet for recalling 4 April facts that students have learned

The 8 passages include the following titles:
• April Fool’s Day
• Jackie Robinson Day
• Happy Earth Day!
• The Titanic Sinks
• National Poetry Month
• National Arbor Day
• Easter Egg Roll
• Drop Everything and Read

Check it out here: April Reading Passages with Comprehension Questions

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FREE – Money Bingo with Online Bingo Caller – Math Centers Pack

Free Money Bingo Pic

Get a Math Centers Pack

Designed for third and fourth grade math centers, Money Bingo features an online bingo caller that will work on most personal computers with internet access. It can also be played on an an interactive whiteboard. Use the online bingo caller to draw random question cards and to display called answers while students play along with their own printed bingo cards.

This download features 4 player cards that can be printed either in black and white or in color. I prefer to print in black and white, as the students need to make calculations and write on their bingo cards.

The game is common core aligned for Third and Fourth Grades as follows:

Third Grade:
CCSS Math Content 3.NBT.A.2
Fluently add and subtract within 1000 using strategies and algorithms based on place value, properties of operations, and/or the relationship between addition and subtraction.
-Making change for purchases made with five and ten dollar bills
-Adding / subtracting to determine difference between the amount of money available and the listed price (i.e. The listed price is $3.50. You have 90 cents. How much more money do you need?

Fourth Grade:
CCSS Math.Content.4.MD.A.2
Use the four operations to solve word problems involving distances, intervals of time, liquid volumes, masses of objects, and money, including problems involving simple fractions or decimals, and problems that require expressing measurements given in a larger unit in terms of a smaller unit.
-Making change for purchases made with five and ten dollar bills
-Adding / subtracting to determine difference between the amount of money available and the listed price (i.e. The listed price is $3.50. You have 90 cents. How much more money do you need?
-Simple multiplication / division to determine money equivalents ( i.e. How many dimes are in a five dollar bill?)

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Click on the photo in this post to download a set of 4 player cards.
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