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Motivating Students on STAAR

Welcome to Standardized Test Season!  I believe is important to keep students motivated when it comes to standardized testing.  One way to keep students motivated throughout this stressful time can be found in the following product: Slide1 This packet includes PDF and Editable PowerPoint Documents that will help you during test taking administrations:

  • Treat and Goodie Bag Cards
  • Testing Signs for Classroom Doors
  • STAAR Teacher/Student Name Signs
  • Student Motivation/Incentive Tickets
  • Test Taking Strategy Posters
  • Test Taking Strategy Bookmarks
  • Super STAAR Pendant Banner

Slide2 Here are a sample of some of the items:


Tags to use with student treats. Attach to a bag of cookies.


Testing sign to post outside of the testing room door.


Tickets to use with students during test review sessions. Tickets are given to them for earning a certain number of points on review sheets. Use tickets to cash in or in drawings for prizes or treats.


These slips can be given out during test review used to cash in for prizes or treats.


Example of Test Taking Strategy Signs



Test Taking Strategies Bookmark

The items in this packet help to keep students motivated and upbeat during test time.  I hope you find them as useful as I have.   Click here to get the Super STAAR Classroom Incentives and Motivation Packet. Slide1   Check out the other STAAR materials in my store: Slide1

Grammar Review

By Little Achievers

Grade 1 and 2


This Grammar Review packet consists of 10 sets of language review printables to practice and assess grammar skills.

All sets included in this packet follow the same format and gradually increase in difficulty level.

The grammar skills included in this packet are:
sentence, subject & predicate, types of sentences, sentence editing, noun, plural form, common and proper noun, rhyming word, pronoun, action verb, linking verb, contractions, synonyms, antonyms, prefix & suffix, adjective, and possessive form of noun.

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Thank you!

Little Achievers