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The Dealing-With-Feelings Series: The ‘how-to manage tricky feelings’ stories for kids

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The Dealing-With-Feelings Series by That Fun Reading Teacher #DWF

Let me start by thanking those of you who have made these stories so popular over the past six months. This post is dedicated to you in gratitude. You have buoyed my confidence to continue along this path.

This is how this series came to be.

For the past few years, I have been a Special Education teacher to young children. Just a few years ago, while using social stories in integrated kindergarten classrooms with my students with autism, I noticed that their classmates were benefiting from them, too! The  social stories I was using were written specifically for the child they were being used with, and parts of these stories had little relevance to their classmates. They seemed to be very interested in, and to find comfort in other parts of them.
It occurred to me that many children could benefit from stories that were like social stories, but meant for more of a general audience of young children: Characters role-modeling the how-to’s of dealing with tricky feelings. (We all know how motivated we are when someone TELLS us how to handle something!)Even in kindergarten, some children were already uncomfortable about discussing feelings. Research, parenting, teaching and talking to each other tells us that natural conversation only comes from a willing participant, especially one who initiates it.

AAF thQ: Where can one find kids who can naturally name and discuss a variety of feelings, involve other kids in the conversation without alienating them?

A: In a picture books. All About Feelings is the foundation story for the Dealing-With-Feelings Series. Child narrators introduce kids to a range of emotions by showing them examples of kids feeling them in various situations.

Below are the stories with characters  figuring out how to identify and options they have for dealing with specific tricky feelings:

When I Feel Sad girl full version angry girl th frustr girl
Sad boy th angry boy th frustr boy
Sad bundle th angry bundle th frustr bundle
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I find myself turning to these stories more often recently.

In September, there were a few sad little people who found comfort in reading about another boy or girl who was sad to say good-bye in the morning, too.

When big kids kicked down snow forts and others were ‘stealing’ snowballs in January, reading about how kids dealt with anger was received a lot better than some of the strategies I’ve used in the past.

Who knew that the phrase ‘use your words’ could result in an airborne chair?

When the temperatures took a dive resulting in clusters of indoor recesses, well, let’s just say that it wasn’t only students benefiting from the When I Feel Frustrated books.

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What feelings would you like to see dealt with in upcoming books? What are some strategies that you think should be included?

Watch for new titles Summer 2015…

Thank you to Rebekah Brock, whose clip art brought these stories alive!


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Language Arts Lesson “Mega Bundle: Through the Year Reading Comprehension (September- May)”

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Cover all the important days and events of the year in these fun reading passages. They are filled with fun, historical facts plus comprehension questions.

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It includes months September through May.

Each month includes 8 reading passages and 1 worksheet for recalling important facts.

September:  Johnny Appleseed, Hispanic Heritage Month, Talk Like a Pirate Day, Grandparents Day, Constitution Day, Happy Labor Day, Welcome, Fall!

October: Bats! Bats! Bats!, Arachnophobia!, Fire Prevention Week, Columbus Day, Make a Difference Day, Happy Halloween, How to Grow a Pumpkin, Happy Birthday Noah Webster!

November: Squanto: Friend to the Pilgrims, Election Day, Veterans Day, The Mayflower, The First Thanksgiving, King Tut Day, Native American Heritage Month: Sacagawea, Life of a Pilgrim Child

December: Kwanzaa, Las Posadas, Hanukkah, Christmas Traditions, Reindeer, Arctic Animals, Wright Brothers Day, Hibernation

January: Happy New Year!, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Emperor Penguins, The Abominable Snowman: Fact or Fiction?, Do You Want to Build an Igloo?, National Braille Literacy Month, Opposite Day, Happy Birthday Ben Franklin!

February: Groundhog Day, What is a Groundhog Anyway?, Random Acts of Kindness Day, Honest Abe, The Father of Our Country, Super Bowl Sunday, Valentine’s Day, Leap Day

March: St. Patrick’s Day, Read Across America Day, March Madness, Women’s History Month, Pi Day, Ireland, Happy Birthday Harry Houdini!, In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

April: April Fool’s Day, Jackie Robinson Day, Happy Earth Day!, The Titanic Sinks, National Poetry Month, National Arbor Day, Easter Egg Roll, Drop Everything and Read

May: Happy Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Cinco de Mayo, Happy Birthday, Sally Ride!, Limerick Day, The Kentucky Derby, Florence Nightingale (for National Nurses Week), Amelia Earhart

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Thanks for looking!

Christina L

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FREE MISC. LESSON – “Social Language Sampler”

by Looks Like Language

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Try out some pages from my social language products and be sure it is right for you! If you love it, please consider leaving kind feedback in appreciation! Thanks for stopping by my store! Linda@Looks-Like-Language



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All About Plants


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 Plant some seeds of knowledge using this complete plant unit.

This pack includes posters, life cycle of a plant booklet, vocabulary cards, graphic organizers, worksheets, writing prompts, inside a seed activity, and more.

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This is a complete pack! Inside the packet, you will find:

Vocabulary cards:

  • seed, root, stem, leaves, flower, fruit, plant life cycle, photosynthesis, chlorophyll

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Posters with description (laminate or place them in plastic pocket protector)

  • What is a plant?, Plant are important, Seeds, Roots, Leaves, Stem, Flower, Fruit, Vegetable, photosynthesis

Plant life cycle

  • Colored (full-page and half-page) and B&W (half-page)




  • Inside a seed description and lab activity

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Plant observation pages
Writing prompts




•True or False
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Parts of a Plant Flap Book


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Thank you,

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Little Achievers

Independent Reading Response Journal




I have always struggled with helping my kids to understand what they are reading, when they read independently.  If you have struggling readers you know that they will read the book, take the AR test and completely bomb.  They can’t remember what they are reading from day-to-day.


So, I created this awesome reading journal.  I have my struggling readers fill out one page per day.  They will work on reading skills such as identifying setting, character traits, main idea, cause/effect, and so on.  It has really helped my kids with comprehension because they are becoming more engaged with their chapter book.  Kids also track the page they started reading on and finished so they are held accountable for actually reading during silent reading time.  I found that just keeping track of their page number makes a huge difference in motivation!




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Thanks for viewing! Happy Teaching!

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