Independent Reading Response Journal




I have always struggled with helping my kids to understand what they are reading, when they read independently.  If you have struggling readers you know that they will read the book, take the AR test and completely bomb.  They can’t remember what they are reading from day-to-day.


So, I created this awesome reading journal.  I have my struggling readers fill out one page per day.  They will work on reading skills such as identifying setting, character traits, main idea, cause/effect, and so on.  It has really helped my kids with comprehension because they are becoming more engaged with their chapter book.  Kids also track the page they started reading on and finished so they are held accountable for actually reading during silent reading time.  I found that just keeping track of their page number makes a huge difference in motivation!




You can find this resource at the link below!


Thanks for viewing! Happy Teaching!

Sara Oberheide

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