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Beginning and end of year math review 


Beginning & End Of Year Math Review would be a great packet for reviewing math skills at the beginning and end of the year .

This resource includes:

**Write the number words in each box.
**Counting by 10.
**Counting by 5.
**Flip Flop Addition and Subtraction.
**Roll 2 dice ,Add them up and color the picture.
**Double-digit Addition.(without regrouping)
**Double-digit Subtraction.(without regrouping)
**Roll 3 dice, add them up and color.
**Solve each word problem using number-line.(2 pages)
**Draw the hands on each clock.
**Compare the numbers.
**Make ten.
**Place value. 
**Write the missing number in the sequence
**Make a number bond.
**Geometry.(2 pages)

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QR CODE Fractions With Bunny Belly contains 36 task cards.Each task card has a figure and students can write the fraction for the shaded part of each figure on the answer sheet and then scanning the QR code to check their answer.

This product is appropriate for reviewing and reinforcing the fractions. 

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