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Earth Day Ideas and Activities for K/1

Earth Day



Besides the Recycle Crafts above, you might enjoy these Earth Day Learning Centers…



Earth Day Activities: 

★ 7 Posters, Earth Day Pledge, Earth Day Graphing Activity (for in school or at 

 home), Earth Day Certificate and Parent Letter

★ 22 Pages – NEWLY REVISED to include Full Color Earth Day Versions as well 

 as Black and White Earth Day versions for students to color.

★ Earth Day Certificate

★ 7 Earth Day Posters

★ Earth Day Graph

★ Earth Day Pledge

★ Parent Letter

★ Use by itself or with my PowerPoint Presentation and/or mini-book at 2 

 different reading levels.

Earth Day PowerPoint “Things to do to Help the Earth”

I also added 10 Songs at a variety of levels so you can have an Earth Day Sing Along! 

★ 25 slides – Use by itself or in conjunction with my Earth Day PDF file OR mini-book (2 Reading levels) that can be found in my other product listings. The PDF file (sold separately) has a parent letter, take home graph, Earth Day Pledge, Earth Day Certificate, and 7 posters about how students can help the Earth. There are black and white versions as well as full color versions of the Earth Day Posters, Earth Day Certificate and Earth Day Graph. 

Browse my other Earth Day Resources for Literacy and Math by visiting my store and opening the Custom Folder labeled “EARTH DAY/CINCO DE MAYO”, or just click below:


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ALL students need to warm up!

We all know that stronger students tend to have more background knowledge. More reading in the home, a broader range of experiences, and less television often result in a student who simply knows more content. Put 25 of those advanced learners in a room, and we can skip some of those instructional hooks we use with weaker students . . . or can we?


We may not need to frontload as much with these students, but they still need to warm up. Even a car that has just had a tune up needs to run a bit before hitting the road in February. At the secondary level when students are changing classes, a lot happens in those five minutes between rooms. One social interaction, text, or bad grade in the previous class will cloud that student’s perception of what happens in your room. In order to access prior knowledge and even skills, get that brain warmed up with a rigorous exercise.


Here’s a bundle of twenty bell ringer exercises for advanced high school students. Take a look and decide if they are right for your students. Enjoy 25% off the list price.

AP English Language & Composition Mini Practice BUNDLE[contact-form][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Website’ type=’url’/][contact-field label=’Comment’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/][/contact-form]

Order of Operations Freebie!



Students not loving Order of Operations worksheets? Try this FREEBIE instead!!!

I created this game to help with motivation with this task. There are playing cards for 6 players. Each player gets 3 die. I use dice within dice with more advanced students and just add the inner dice to the outer dice for a bigger number to work with. Students are to experiment with putting the numbers in a different order to see which order produces the largest final answer. They will see that it matters very much which operation to complete first, as it can drastically change your answer. Add up the answers and the player with the largest final answer is the winner of the game. This can be modified for different levels of students very easily. They can work in partners and either do the problems together, or they can check each other’s work.


Have Fun!


FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON – “Gift of the Magi – Close Reading Analysis”

by Homegrown Teacher

8th – 10th Grade

This free holiday product is a close reading analysis of O. Henry’s short story, “Gift of the Magi.” There is a teacher’s instruction page, which details how I have used this document in my own classroom, specifically targeting the importance of the gradual release process. A full sample annotation packet is also included. 

This text lends itself to teaching students the importance of annotation targeting vocabulary, textual evidence for setting and characterization as well as allusions. 

Enjoy this timeless story as your students get practice using the close reading strategy!

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