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Behavior Modification that Works!

Hello! I have a really awesome list of posts to share today! Check out the following posts:

Is Behavior Modification Controlling your Life? 

By Nikki Heiman of Creative Inclusion

Find answers to all of your behavior management related questions from someone who has “been there, done that” as both a parent and as a teacher with behaviors.

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Dealing With ADHD in the Classroom

By Mary Carr of Carrberry Creations

Strategies for helping your ADHD students succeed in your class.

Behavior Modification That Works!

By Kathie Yonemura of Tried and True Teaching Tools

An easy way to target and change specific behaviors. Motivate students to WANT to improve & feel empowered to change.


Behavior Modification Techniques that Work

By Deann Marin of Socrates Lantern

Management of a classroom is challenging, whether you teach special education or regular education, there are always a few children that are problematic to say the least. It is not always necessary to set up a behavior modification plan for the entire class. For some children, it is enough to give them a look, a tap on the shoulder, or just say something to them quietly. For others it is not so easy


Tips For Reluctant Writers and Ways to Make Handwriting FUN!

By Thia Triggs of Print Path

This Post is LOADED with great ideas on engaging reluctant writers!

Here are all of the posts about Behavior Management and Classroom Management all loaded up nice and neat for you in an InLinkz Code!

Technology Across The Curriculum Blog Hop

Sharing is Caring


This week’s topic is all about utilizing technology with students. These awesome teachers have some pretty great ideas to share!

Technology Across the Curriculum

by Deann Marin

I can remember the first computer that I used in my classroom, it was the original Apple. We had no internet access, or power-point programs. You could play simple games like Pacman and make worksheets for the kids. I thought the computer was so cool, just to be able to type and erase, without the hassle of whiteout, was a huge improvement.



Technology + Special Education = Freedom and Independence

By Nikki Heiman

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Therapeutic use of an iPad for
 Occupational Therapy

By Thia Triggs

This is an AWESOME post about different apps to use for OT skills. Very informative and comprehensive list!


I hope you have enjoyed this week’s post about Technology in the classroom!



All About Memorial Day!

Hey all! This weekend we are celebrating our American Heros! Check out what these teachers do to teach kids about Memorial Day!

Memorial Day

by Mary Carr of Carrberry Creations

Memorial Day is an important day to remember those who gave their lives in service to our country. What do we as teachers do though when we are faced with comforting a grieving student in our classrooms? Be as prepared as you can be by reading this article, and accompanying links.


Memorial Day Tribute

By Deann Marin of Socrates Lantern

Memorial Day is an important day to remember those who gave their lives in service to our country. What do we as teachers do though when we are faced with comforting a grieving student in our classrooms? Be as prepared as you can be by reading this article, and accompanying links.

Why Memorial Day is Important 8x8 Cover


All About Memorial Day

By Nikki Heiman of Creative Inclusion

Memorial Day is not just about BBQs and spending time with friends and family. Kids need to learn about the sacrifices that others have made for our freedom. Open the lines of communication on this important topic by doing some fun activities!


*Image of the food is originally from the fantastic blogger,Tip Junkie. Check out her stuff here!

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Sharing is Caring – Fight the Summer Regression!

Sharing is Caring


Check out these great posts!

What is the greatest way to fight summer learning loss? Click the following to find out some GREAT ideas!

10 Ways to Keep Students Learning Over the Summer

Summer is the time for fun, fun, fun! School is out no more hitting the books. The only problem is that much of what was learned during the school year is forgotten, “out of sight, out of mind.” Not so with these ten fun educational activities that will keep the children looking for more and not even realizing that they are learning.

By Socrates Lantern

10 Things to keep students learning throughout the summer 8x8 Cover




Keeping Students Learning All Summer

Fight the summer slide this year with tips from

By Carrberry Creations






Don’t Let Summer Learning Slip and Slide!

Keep up the higher level thinking skills with children this summer! The #1 way to help your child succeed in school after summer break!

By Nikki Heiman at “Creative Inclusion”




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Teaching Students to Work in Groups- Blog Coopertative!

Love group activities but seeking some fresh ideas? Check out these great posts from a group of dedicated teachers!

How to Make Effective Collaborative Groups

By Deann Marin

I found that having children work in small collaborative groups made learning fun for both myself and the class.Socrates LanternHeader Graphic


Role Playing Can Be an Effective Strategy for Group Work

By Juliette Roman

Group work is been proven to improve student retention and enhance student learning. In fact, our whole culture is based on team work and working together to solve problems. It makes sense that when people work together (more brainpower) they come up with more ideas, suggestions, and solutions to a problem. But the question remains how do we get children to work together effectively?



Collaborative Learning and Teaching

By Nikki Heiman

Group work is proven to be an effective teaching strategy, but how do we get everyone involved and organized appropriately? Here are some ideas on how to strategically plan out group activities!



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Make History Come Alive!

I am so excited to share this week’s topic-

Make History Come Alive!

This was so fun to put together! This is a collection of blogs from talented educators all about their ideas to spice up History lessons! Follow this link for more detailed information about each lesson! Several of the ideas are completely FREE! This is definitely time well spent!

Make History Come Alive!
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“Springtime Fun in The Classroom” Brought to you by “Sharing is Caring Elite Teacher Blogger Collaborative”

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How Do I Keep Students Interested in School Between High- Stakes Tests???

– For ideas on keeping students engaged in between high stakes testing- check out the following for some ideas on multi-media activities. This post includes a FREE photo essay rubric and leveled sample objectives based on Bloom’s Taxonomy verbs!



What Better Way to Combat “Testing Blues” Than With a Fun Mother’s Day Project?

What better way to combat “testing blues” than with a fun Mother’s Day project?! Mother’s day can be a really happy time for many children–or a sad time, if children do not have a mom at home. This 50-page best-selling packet includes the main “flowers in a vase” craftivity, along with tons of other options–all for “mom,” “mommy,” “grandma,” “mum,” or for whomever else your children choose.



What Would You Change if YOU Could Create Your Own Country?

This is a Great End of the Year Hands-on Project! Newly updated and improved with informational articles, vocabulary words with posters, and engaging student activities related to all the different themes such as culture, flag facts, climates, housing, natural resources, agriculture, transportation (and more) of this creative hands-on project.



I LOVE these ideas! Thank you for reading! Please let us know if you use, or plan to use, any of these in your own classrooms! We love to hear from readers!

Kindest Regards,

~Sharing is Caring Team

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Order of Operations Freebie!



Students not loving Order of Operations worksheets? Try this FREEBIE instead!!!

I created this game to help with motivation with this task. There are playing cards for 6 players. Each player gets 3 die. I use dice within dice with more advanced students and just add the inner dice to the outer dice for a bigger number to work with. Students are to experiment with putting the numbers in a different order to see which order produces the largest final answer. They will see that it matters very much which operation to complete first, as it can drastically change your answer. Add up the answers and the player with the largest final answer is the winner of the game. This can be modified for different levels of students very easily. They can work in partners and either do the problems together, or they can check each other’s work.


Have Fun!