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This week’s topic is all about utilizing technology with students. These awesome teachers have some pretty great ideas to share!

Technology Across the Curriculum

by Deann Marin

I can remember the first computer that I used in my classroom, it was the original Apple. We had no internet access, or power-point programs. You could play simple games like Pacman and make worksheets for the kids. I thought the computer was so cool, just to be able to type and erase, without the hassle of whiteout, was a huge improvement.



Technology + Special Education = Freedom and Independence

By Nikki Heiman

photo 4


Therapeutic use of an iPad for
 Occupational Therapy

By Thia Triggs

This is an AWESOME post about different apps to use for OT skills. Very informative and comprehensive list!


I hope you have enjoyed this week’s post about Technology in the classroom!



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