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Technology Across The Curriculum Blog Hop

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This week’s topic is all about utilizing technology with students. These awesome teachers have some pretty great ideas to share!

Technology Across the Curriculum

by Deann Marin

I can remember the first computer that I used in my classroom, it was the original Apple. We had no internet access, or power-point programs. You could play simple games like Pacman and make worksheets for the kids. I thought the computer was so cool, just to be able to type and erase, without the hassle of whiteout, was a huge improvement.



Technology + Special Education = Freedom and Independence

By Nikki Heiman

photo 4


Therapeutic use of an iPad for
 Occupational Therapy

By Thia Triggs

This is an AWESOME post about different apps to use for OT skills. Very informative and comprehensive list!


I hope you have enjoyed this week’s post about Technology in the classroom!



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Technology Across the Curriculum

by Deann Marin at the Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs

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Technology has come a long way since I began my teaching career. I can remember the first computer that I used in my classroom, it was the original Apple. We had no internet access, or power-point programs. You could play simple games like Pacman and make worksheets for the kids. I thought the computer was so cool, just to be able to type and erase, without the hassle of whiteout, was a huge improvement. No CDs or DVDs only rectangular floppy discs. No cell phones, smart phones, laptops, tablets, or iWatches, just the good old Apple computer.

With time, technology improved rapidly. The old Apple was obsolete, my room was then equipped with 3 computers for students, I had my own own laptop, and a computer lab was created. However, each class visited the technology teacher only 3 times a week for a semester, sadly, not enough time for in depth learning.

Kids Computer Lab Clipart | Clipart Panda - Free Clipart Images


For  technology to be effective it needs to be integrated into the curriculum, so I created power-point programs to reinforce  ELA and History skills. In addition, computer learning games, such as Where in the World is Carmen San Diego and Oregon Trail were purchased. Here again, the major draw back was there were not enough computers for all the kids, I set up a schedule and grouped them 2 at a time per computer. This was one way for them to practice working together and sharing, while giving them more exposure to the computer at the same time.

When the school library was finally equipped with enough computers for an entire classroom to use, I was ecstatic. So were other teachers, there was a sign up sheet for library use and everyone clamored to get some time for their projects.

I truly believe that technology based project learning is one of the best strategies for getting the class interested in the lesson. It brings it to life and makes it real. *According to research, “It supports four key components of learning: keeping the children actively engaged  by collaborating in groups, frequent interaction, feedback, and connection to real-life experts.”

I use web quests quite often. The class works in groups of 3 or 4 and utilizes the web for research.  There is so much information out there and web-quests are abundant. One project is called, “Who Killed King Tut?” They are given a worksheet with possible suspects and they are to decide if the individual is innocent or guilty. We then have a trial with lawyers, a judge, jury, and defendants. This particular project helps the class problem solve, analyze their findings and communicate with each other. My experience in doing these types of activities has always been positive. The students have so much fun working on them and so do I.

We have truly come a long in way our use use of technology across the curriculum. I look forward to seeing more of it integrated into all classrooms in every school.







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ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS TEACHERS – “Three freebies to Swing you Into Summer”

by – Connie Casserly

Grades 7-12



Are you still in school?  Is your brain showing a Needs Charged light?  Need a fresh idea or three to swing you into summer vacation?


If you answered, “YES!” to any of these questions, check out the following three FREEBIES that will act as energy bars for your students during the remainder of the year.


1. Comprehension & Writing Activity – “Taking a Break”

takingabreakactivity_Page_1This free activity is great for an end of the year recap to assess Middle and High School students’ comprehension, understanding, and analytic skills of the material that they read, or for any time during the year prior to a vacation.

For this activity, students are going on a dream vacation. To keep them company on this trip, they ask three characters from books that they have read for school assignments that year to go on the trip with them. Who will they take? Why them? Where will they go? How will these people help them have a perfect trip? They are to answer these questions as they relate vacation plans.

Download from https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Comprehension-Writing-Activity-Taking-a-Break-248681




2. Comprehension and Writing Activity: Carry On!

CarryOnrev2014_Page_1Other than hairstyles, few physical adornments show more about people than the clothes they choose to wear and their accessories. This FREE Common Core and Bloom’s Taxonomy aligned activity not only focuses on the type of purse/attaché case/tote/ backpack, etc. that a character would choose, but also the items he/she would keep in it.

After brainstorming what type of accessory celebrities would choose, as well as what items they would put in it, Middle School and High School students will do the same for their teacher-assigned character.

Download from https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Comprehension-and-Writing-Activity-Carryon-710857




3. Comprehension – It’s Good to be Me…It’s Good to be You
ComprehensionItsGoodtobeMeItsGoodtobeYou_Page_1Here are two activities when teachers need a few go to lessons for exploring the elements of literature, in this case-Character.

These engaging activities will hook Middle School and High School students into reading and writing about the text that they are studying.The two activities will check off two of your, “Need to Do” boxes.

Not only will they engage students in their character exploration of the people they meet in their reading, but they will also allow your charges to reveal their own personalities and thoughts.

Download from https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Comprehension-Its-Good-to-be-Me-Its-Good-to-be-You-859283






Bonus:  Hand out  this FREEBIE – Summer Comprehension, Thinking & Writing Activities: A Summer Bucket List – to your students and their parents at the end of the year. Students will be so engaged in the activity (-ies) of their choice, that they won’t even realize that they are keeping their comprehension, computing, higher lever thinking and writing skills strong.

Download https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Summer-Comprehension-Thinking-Writing-Activities-A-Summer-Bucket-List-253658






Make these final days, Teach It Now Days with these activities.

Have a restful and relaxing summer.