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MISCELLANEOUS LESSON-SPANISH COLORS- Vocabulary & Word Search @ Colorea tu Helado Favorito

This Coloring Package is an amazing resource to practice spelling colors, and having fun doing the Coloring Activity. Great package for Elementary students and for fifth grades students who never had Spanish before. This lesson may be included in the “Moving Up” packages where fifth students can see how easy Spanish vocabulary can be, use a dictionary to complete the word bank, do the word search and complete the Ice Cream Coloring activity.


SPANISHCOLORSVocabularyWordSearchColoreatuHeladoFavorito (1)-page-003 (1)SPANISHCOLORSVocabularyWordSearchColoreatuHeladoFavorito (1)-page-001 (1)SPANISHCOLORSVocabularyWordSearchColoreatuHeladoFavorito (1)-page-002


It contains

1) 12 colors vocabulary/assessment worksheet with word bank

2) 12 Colors Word Search- Make it a game. Divide students in small groups and give stickers to winning groups or homework passes.
3) Ice Cream Coloring Activity -The top part of the ice cream is free so students can color their favorite ice cream and answer the question – What is your favorite Ice Cream?



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Language Arts Lesson-OCEAN Animals Bingo- Pre K-2 – Writing Prompt

This Ocean Animals BINGO features 12 of the most beloved Ocean Animals . This package is very helpful to celebrate National Aquarium and Zoo month of June in your classroom.



The package includes:
– Lesson PlanOCEANAnimalsBingoPreKWritingPrompt-page-002

-BINGO Board- Students can color objects using a single color . Encourage creativity. For example a blue turtle, green shark.etc


– Once the bingo board is filled, ask students to complete the writing prompt. Each sentence should describe the animal’s color and size. For example: My shark is green and big.


-Play Bingo. Read different combinations and write them on the board. You can play for the whole board. All combinations should be written on the board. Ask students to verify their worksheets and correct them as they play. Winners can get homework passes.

-Word Search- Great conclusion for word recognition and review. Have students work in small groups and compete for a Homework pass.


You have enough material to work for a 1-2 days. You can use the vocabulary worksheet as a quiz at the end of the unit.









Reptiles Scavenger Hunt!


Slide1I started making these scavenger hunts to support science in my classroom. However, what I found was that these hunts are a great way to also support reading.  Students read to find information about reptiles and then answer questions.  It works great a supplement to your science curriculum.


Reptile Scavenger Hunt


Here is a picture of the task cards. There are 20 total task cards.  Hang them up around the room and it lets kids get moving while they answering questions. Trust me they will love this activity, my students beg for them.



Here is a picture of what the question pages look like.  One thing that I will be doing next year to extend my higher kids, is to have them write their own questions.  The lower learners can still participate with the already made questions.



This is my first science scavenger hunt, but I’m working on more this summer.  If you have a topic you would like a scavenger hunt for leave a comment for this post with your email and topic.


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