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MyMath Chapter 2 for 5th Grade – Supplemental Resources

Chapter 2 is FINISHED!!



I’m working my way through each chapter of MyMath for 5th grade, putting together extra resources for teachers and students.


I’m finally finished with Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 will start very quickly. So,  here it is!  Included are 3 sets of task cards, worksheets with a spiral curriculum, posters, I Can statements and more!  60 total pages of great support!


You can find it here


3 sets of task cards for students to practice their math skills in a fun way.



Your kids will love this resource.  My 5th graders do!  Thanks for viewing!

Sara Oberheide


Summer Bugs – Reading Comprehension: Who? What? Where?

Summer Bugs: Reading Comprehension – Who? What? Where?

Summer Bugs - Reading Comprehension: Who? What? Where?

You can find this resource HERE!

NOTE**** This reading comprehension pack is included in the following 2 products. If you have purchased either of these, you do not need to purchase this product.

Insects and Spiders (Literacy and Math Unit)
Insects Bundle

This 10 page reading comprehension pack includes two short stories/sentences per page with matching black and white pictures with a total of 20 short stories/sentences. Each story and related questions are on a half page to help save paper. You can put it together as a book or use individual half sheets per lesson. Under each short story/sentence, there are three questions about the story/sentence. The three questions ask “Who? What? and Where? questions about the story.

The 20 stories are shown in the preview.

There are many uses for these stories/questions. The stories include a variety of reading levels. They can be used in a kindergarten class with the teacher reading the story and questions to the students and having the students use invented spelling to write their answers. They can also be used for independent reading practice in first or second grade by letting students read the short story, read the questions, and answer the questions even if they have to look back in the story to find the answer.

These short stories are great for guided reading groups, homework, a mini lesson, or literacy center activities.

I hope your students enjoy these stories and questions.

Sherry Clements
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