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March 2020 Teacher Talk

Posted by Deann Marin of Socrates Lantern

St. Patrick’s Day and so many more tried and true teaching ideas are here for you to check out this March.  Best yet,soon it will be spring and the end of the year will be here before you know it. 

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It’s March…Let’s Go Fly a Kite

By Deann Marin of Socrates Lantern

A great activity for home and at school.


Learning During Our New Reality: Social Distancing

By Retta London of Rainbow City Learning

Just a few tips on some activities to add to your distance learning.


Teaching Data, Graphing and Scientific Process with Paper Airplanes

By Tracy Willis of Wild Child Designs

Read how a paper airplane project sparked students to collect data, try out different graphs, and explore the scientific process! Remote learning freebies included with this post.


Simple Ways to Make Classroom Lessons More Engaging

By Marcy Howe of It’s a Teacher Thing

Learn simple tricks to liven up even the most unexciting topic. It’s easier than you think!


The Best Principal I Ever Had

By Gini Musmanno of Reading Spotlight

What principles make a great principal? Read about them here.


Easy-to-Implement Home Instruction Ideas

By Renee Heiss of All-American Teacher tools

Prepare now for the possibility of home-instruction for all of your students. Find easy ways to send them home with a packet of work until you come back together again!


St. Patrick’s Day Myths and Fun Facts

By Vicky Rauch of Scipi

March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day. Read my latest blog post to explore some of the myths surrounding this Irish holiday as well as to discover a few fun facts.


How to Choose Between Affect and Effect

By Charlene Tess of CharleneTess

Here’s Help with Choosing Between Affect and Effect.


School closed: Now what?

By Lisa Robles of LisaTeachR’s Classroom

Our schools have closed. Now what? Here are some links that could be useful during this time to keep your kids learning.


Be sure to stop by and read the posts from the rest of our awesome educators, click the images below.

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

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Essay Evaluation Comments with Drop Down Boxes



Essay Evaluation Comments with Drop Down Boxes


Please note that this document does not work with a Mac computer.

Automated Comment Generator for THE ESSAY

This document has been created to help teachers evaluate students’ essays quickly and efficiently while including as many detailed comments as possible. It is created in a Microsoft Word document so that you can easily modify it to suit your particular classroom needs. (You also have the option to copy and paste the entire page, or certain elements.) The document is completely modifiable, even the comments. The “grunt work” has been done for you.

This quickens the evaluation process and will help the teacher to write down information more quickly. This particular document has been embedded with drop down boxes with comments on: persuasion, information presented, analysis, style, structure, communication, sources and format.

Take a look at the preview for a better idea of what this product can do for you.

You may also be interested in:

Speech Evaluation with drop down boxes
FREEGroup Work Comment Sheet with Drop Down Boxes

It’s teaching made easy!

Total Pages
Answer Key
Teaching Duration

Benefits of a personal alphabet book – a lesson from my Reading Recovery days

The benefits of a personal alphabet book - lessons learned from my Reading Recovery days. A blog post by That Fun Reading Teacher.


Why go to the trouble of creating a personal Alphabet Book for your students, instead of having everyone in the class work through each letter together? It sounds like a lot to manage, but creating links to a child’s life early in literacy learning is worth the confidence and gains they make later.

When I taught Reading Recovery to grade one students early in the school year, creating a personal alphabet book was one of the first things we did together when we started lessons. It wasn’t until seven years in to my teaching career that I understood the benefits of a personal alphabet book, and I have Dr. Marie Clay and my Reading Recovery teacher leaders to thank for that.

In Literacy Lessons Part Two, Dr. Clay explains:

The alphabet book is merely a record of what is known with spaces for what is ‘yet to be learned’  That gives the child a sense of the size of the task and a feeling of control over his own progress.  It also provides a location to return to when a troublesome letter, still being confused, turns up. (p37)

She explains that children do not generally learn to identify letters by name or sound in alphabetical order and that identifying a letter by name or sound is equally useful for a child early on, as it is most effective to teach both name and sound together.


When children have one word for each letter that he or she knows for sure makes that letter sound, they use it as an anchor, a concrete example to hold all other words against for comparison.

When they have their own sound alphabet that they have created from the words most meaningful to them, the words that pop into their minds with the initial letter sounds and that association gives them confidence that they know that particular sound.  It gives them the confidence to ‘spit’ that sound out when they see an unknown word on a page when they are reading, or put down that first letter when attempting to write a word they have never attempted before.

The personal alphabet book is the ultimate, at-a-glance reference guide. It is meaningful to each child, because that child constructed it from people and things that are meaningful to them already. The connections are already in place.

The key to the effectiveness of a personalized alphabet book is in its construction.  It must be done slowly but with enthusiasm, following the child’s lead, reviewed often and used as reference.

Years ago, we spent hours cutting up old coloring books and worksheets to use as images for our students’ alphabet books. This led to the creation of a kit as a time-saver! Try it free in the BTS Sampler, linked below!

Ready to create a personal alphabet book? Here’s how.


The Complete Alphabet Book Kit #BTS Big Bundle by That Fun Reader Teacher

Free Back to School Sampler by That Fun Reading Teacher How to create a personal alphabet book - a post by That Fun Reading Teacher.

Best wishes for Back to School, everyone!

I.M. That Fun Reading Teacher!

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Easter phrasing, fluency and fun (and a freebie for everyone!)

Easter Rhythm and Rhyme

It was almost Easter, and I found myself fighting off the urge to nod off while my students were reading some of the most entertaining leveled books schools can buy. My primary readers were in a slump. I heard it their robotic, monotone reading. Things needed shaking up with phrasing and pacing with a number of my early readers. I ran the risk of my head falling to my chest and a potential neck injury.

It was time for another Phrasing and Fluency Blitz!

When I taught Reading Recovery, there were times that a student would plateau at a a level for more than a week. We would be advised to take two or three lessons for a phrasing and fluency blitz – rereading some familiar, easier books to rebuild confidence, model and practice phrasing and pick up the pace! Many of our students’ favorites were readers that rhymed, had a lively rhythm and made us both laugh!

I used the freebie The Bunny Hop Easter Song and Movement Activity in Kindergarten poetry books as a music and movement activity. It works particularly well if modeled and echoed first before showing earliest readers the text:

This freebie also has a black and white version included with it – ideal for poetry folders!

It’s all about the Eggs is an Easter Fun Fluency Reader  modeled after I’m All About the Bass (performed by Meghan Trainor, co-written by Meghan Trainor and Kevin Kadish). I’m All About the Bass had been on the radio so much last year that my students knew the tune instantly. I modeled the first read to them, and we practiced a few phrases in isolation before we all enjoyed singing it fluently from beginning to end (over, and over and over again.)



There is a twist on a familiar Fairy Tale in this book that the kids find hilarious (but humor and laughter are topics for other days…).


Limitation of liability: It’s all about the Eggs is not recommended for those who are prone to getting songs stuck in their head or with one last nerve.

Happy Easter everyone!
That Fun Reading Teacher 
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original-1676037-1 Th 1 Easter freebie1 Th1 Where is my...


SWS page header Easter playlists

No-prep printables – Reading and Writing for Christmas!

2x Xmas Preview - Copy

Happy (almost) holidays, my friends. Have you noticed an excitement in the air? My students definitely have the Christmas Spirit, and are always thrilled to have some fun seasonal activities do to recognize it!

I run Early Literacy Intervention groups with students from grades 1-3. While we do guided reading and writing, and play skill-building games, once in a while I do like to have them do some worksheets that I can keep a copy of in their files. We are currently working through both of the packages shown in the picture above and they are enthusiastic with the variety of activities at their ‘just-right’ level, too.

Here is a close up of the North Pole Reading and Writing Fun preview:

North Pole Preview

…and one of the Nativity Reading and Writing Fun preview:


The kids are having a lot of fun with these, thanks to the wonderful clip art by Edu-clips.com. They can’t wait to color the pictures!

Each of these packages come with the following tip sheet:


Best wishes to all of you and yours as we wrap up for the holidays. Take care of you, too!

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Th1 Xmas bundle Th1 BigXmas

Th1 Nat R&W cover - Copy Th1 North Pole R & W JPG file

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Counting by 2s, phrasing, fluency and quotation marks with REINDEER!

Counting by 2s post

Have you ever noticed how perfectly the Santa’s reindeer and Rudolph stories lend themselves to teaching kids about counting by twos? The reindeer are paired up in the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer song and in Santa’s famous line at the end of the classic story Twas the Night Before Christmas. The teachable moment is just sitting in front us begging to be used!

Perhaps that is why I, That Fun Math Reading Teacher, have started passing on this Phrasing and Fluency Reader to teachers as a math resource as well. (For anyone who may have purchased it more than a year ago, please go back to your purchases page and download an updated version.)

Last year I was using 10 at the Sled primarily for the phrasing, fluency and fun factor. That is, after all, the purpose for which it was written in the first place. It can be sung to the tune of Ten in the Bed, and even if students are not familiar with the song, they do catch on to the simple melody quickly and enjoy the repetition. They also hear how certain words fall together naturally to create phrases.


After several requests for a black and white student booklet last year, I created one over the summer, using speech bubbles where there are quotation marks used in the color edition:

Th2 10 at Sled 1 Th3 10 at Sled

I wanted to show students what quotation marks really mean, in a visual way, rather than only telling them. I am finding that with this year’s students, this concrete approach has made a huge difference. We compare my color copy with their black and white copy and discuss how quotation marks and speech bubbles really serve the same purpose. *Lightbulb moment*!

The tone, expression (and curiously deep voices) they use when reading the ‘spoken’ lines are hilarious! But clearly, meaningful to them!

Thank you to all of the teacher bloggers who provided feedback during the Christmas in July sale that led to these revisions.

Enjoy these last two weeks!

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Th1 10 at Sled 1 Th1 BigXmas Th1 Xmas bundle

What are your favorite ways to bring various subject areas together? Here are some of mine:

CH 2pk cover 5 H Fr Th1 Halloween Count main cover - Copy

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Math Lesson ~ Bundle of Fun with INTEGERS!

Have Fun & Engage Students on Positive & Negative Integers!


3 Methods of working with Operations of Integers are Included – the number line method, visual method, & algorithm method.  Perfect to differentiate and teach operations with Integers!



Help your students understand all operations with positive & negative integers

with this packet of activities!

 ★ Several methods of solving problems with positive & negative integers are included! A great resource for interactive notebooks & differentiation! ★

Included in the Positive & Negative Integer Bundle

•  8 pages showing the various methods to solve positive & negative integer problems

•  6 pages of graphic organizers for interactive journals to assist you in differentiation

•  A page of number line ladders for students to utilize

•  2 pages demonstrating the Ladder Method of subtracting negative integers

•  2 pages of Integer Operations Card Games directions & instructions
•  2 pages of Integer Operations Card Games recording sheets
•  7 pages of Addition & Subtraction of + and – Integers including Answer Key
•  7 pages of Multiplication & Division of + and – Integers including Answer Key
•  Cover page, Page of instructional tips, strategies, & End Page
•  Please NOTE – the color and black & white pages are the same pages –

they are in color if you wish to print in color and they are in black & white

to assist in printing only B&W pages if that is what you wish


Learn more about this bundle here…..

Positive & Negative Integer Bundle of Fun!


Related products you may like

34 Page Multiplication Bundle of Activities

Fraction, Decimal, Percent Challenge

Multiplication Card Game

Best Wishes,

M Moore

Certified K-6, 6-9 math, and 6-9 science

TpT Store






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Middle School – Let’s Play 24 Exponential Challenge

Let’s Play 24 Exponential Challenge!

A great way to engage students in learning and reviewing Exponents!

Let's Play 24 Exponential Challenge


Include something new on Exponents this year….

A Challenging Game with 120 Tasks on Exponents with 48 Test Prep Tasks Included.

★ Included ★

5 sets of TASK CARDS

Set 1 – Basic Exponent problems to Solve, 24 Task Cards & Answer Key
• Set 2 – Product Laws of Exponents, 24 Task Cards & Answer Key
• Set 3 – Quotient Laws of Exponents, 24 Task Cards & Answer Key
• Set 4 – Test Prep 1 – Basics of Exponents, 24 Task Cards & Answer Key
• Set 5 – Test Prep 2 – Product & Quotient Laws of Exponents, 24 Task Cards & Answer Key
• 1 Page – End page of Important Information.


A great bundle to teach, review, or reteach operations with Exponents.

For 5th & 6th Grade several items may be used for Teaching the basics of Exponents and

used for GATE so students are more prepared to deal with the operations of Exponents

in 8th Grade and High School.


NOTE: The task cards do not include the Fractional Laws of Exponents.

That is covered in the exponents worksheets product in my store.

Also: If you are an international client, the exponent products are a great resource.

There is a blank recording sheet in the ‘Let’s Play 24 Challenge Game’ you may write in Orders or Indices.  Also, you may ‘white out’ any exponent terminology and write in orders & indices to utilize the products.

5.NBT.A.2 • 6.EE.A.1 • 8.EE.A.1 • HSN.RN.A.1 • HSN.RN.A.2


Click Here to get the ‘Let’s Play 24 Exponential Challenge’! 


Check out all of my Exponent Products by Clicking Here! 


More Numbers, Expressions, & Equation products along with other products I’m currently working on will be added throughout the year in my TpT store!



Best Wishes, M Moore

Certified K-6, 6-9 math, and 6-9 science

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Labor Day -Spanish Word Search & Criss Cross Puzzle- BONUS:Las Profesiones



Great Lesson to celebrate Labor Day in your Classroom. This lesson was designed to practice cognates and to teach students about the celebration of Labor Day in May in most Latin American Countries. You will also have a Community Workers in Spanish Word Search.

1) Word Search= 24 sentences and words (For example)

2) 14 Labor Day Cross Word Puzzle with Spanish word bank full of cognates. Great dictionary practice for your students. Have them work in groups of two to figure out the answer. Homework pass for the winners.


3) Profesiones. This Word Search is a very good introduction to Professions full of cognates. Perfect cool homework assignment



*** Las Profesiones Thematic Unit- This full Professions in Spanish lesson can help introduce and practice the vocabulary related to community workers.


*** Las Profesiones-Spanish Professions- What they Do and Where they work?- This comprehensive unit combines vocabulary for professions, with verbs AR/ER/IR and locations. Great way to teach students how to write sentences.



VISIT my TpT Store







Back to School and Fall Graphic Organizers: Kindergarten and Primary – and a SURPRISE ONE DAY SALE!


Fall Graphic Org Long Pin G.O. square.png

Hello my friends. Are you fans of graphic organizers? Since I have started teaching Special Education, I have become one, particularly of repeating the three-frame format regularly to encourage sequential thinking and organization in our youngest students. It helps them understand, make predictions and retell the stories they hear and read, and plan out those they create.

I say create, and not write, because some of our students do not write, in a conventional way. When focusing on beginning, middle and end; first, next, finally; list creation or anything else that a three-frame organizer can accommodate (and really, the possibilities are wide open, which you will see in the post I wrote here demonstrating some options for the free Earth Day 3-frame graphic organizer).

Regardless of age, motor skills, or writing ability, this format allows space for drawing, stamping, pasting pictures, using stickers, and large invented spelling with the teacher’s translation below!

I have created a bundle of over 20 3-frame graphic organizers for Back-to-School and Fall. The following are the pages contained within it:

Th1 Fall BTS org cover

Available at TpT

Th 3 Summer Memories Th 6 1st day of school

Th2 All About Me Th 5 Best Things About School Th 8 Goals

Th 4 BTS Th 7 blank starting school Th 9 Apples Frame

Th 11 Fall animals Th 12 Fall Th 13 Pumpkins

Th 10 Leaves border Th4 I am thankful for Th 16 Thanksgiving for my family

Th 19 Halloween Th 17 My Halloween Costume Th3 Halloween Night

Th 20 Remembrance Day Th 21 Veteran's Day Lesson & freebie!Earth day freebie.png

I also wanted to let you know that TpT has just announced a one-day surprise Site-wide sale for Wednesday August 19th! I have marked everything in my store down by 20%, and with TpT’s discount (use PROMO code MORE15), that’s 28% savings! I am bundling more items for even more value to you!


Kind 1st gr Lit Bundle Sq Th1 TFRT BTS & F Special Cover original-1994028-1

Th Dos & don'ts of motivating young children to write Follow That Fun Reading Teacher’s board Graphic Organizers on Pinterest.

Best wishes to you for the rest of your summer, and to those of you returning to school already!

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Science Haiku

Would you like a way to blend Language Arts and Science?   Introduce / review two poetry types and integrate science topics with Science Haiku.    Your students will be able to use this product for classwork, homework or assessment.

This product contains a Science Haiku and Acrostic Poem Format for each of the following subjects:

Science Haiku

Science Haiku

– Sun
– Butterfly
– Recycling
– Chameleons
– Circuits
– Plants
– Flowers
– Frogs





Canada Day is July 1st, so brush up on your ‘Canadian’, eh?

Canada day cover for post.png


Happy Canada Day, everyone! I write this to you on the eve of Canada’s 148th birthday! 

For those of us who are Canadians of a certain age, life experience and education, the images below are easy to name and contain a number of our national symbols.


Do you know anyone who could benefit from brushing up on their Canadian vocabulary?


BINGO is a fun way to do it at any age!

Click below to access Celebrate Canada Bingo and a Happy Canada Day FREEBIE! in my TpT Store!

BINGO game cover Th1 Canada freebie Canada freebie.png

Like the freebie?

Here is another Celebrate Canada Product, this one focused on Early Literacy, which can be purchased in a bundle with the Celebrate Canada BINGO game:

Canada Literacy preview.png

Click the links below to my TpT store for the Celebrate Canada Literacy activities or Bundle, or to explore other areas of the site with related Canadian content!

Canada cover.png Th1 Canada Bundle cover 350 RobMunsch1

Cndn TpTers CanDayStories

And have a Happy Canada Day!!!!!

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4th of July Themed- El Patriota- Label Body Parts and Review Clothing in Spanish

This exciting coloring lesson of “El Patriota” with a 4th of July theme is a great tool to review colors, clothing and body parts. The lesson includes 12 body parts vocabulary words that need to be used in order to complete the coloring key.


patriota (1)-page-001patriota (1)-page-003patriota (1)-page-002

Great lessons to review clothing vocabulary. Please download for FREE ” La Ropa ” from my store.







A post to pass on to parents: Reading and writing through play!

Reading and writing through play!


Do you have a child who loves animals, may wish to be a veterinarian or doctor, and could use a little practice or writing his or her name? (Not that you would ever mention it…)

IMG_7786.PNG - Copy IMG_7792.PNG - Copy

How about one who does not see the point in learning to read or write, but has a fantastic imagination?

IMG_7787.PNG - Copy IMG_7785.PNG - Copy

A sociable child with boundless energy, an interest in the law, perhaps, and exploring roles?

IMG_7785.PNG - Copy (2)(Photos not included!)  B&w badge and licence also included!IMG_7788.PNG - Copy

Maybe you have a child that likes to pretend to be grown-up sometimes, and receive the praise self-esteem boost that goes with it. I admit to feeling very important as a ‘waitress’ at summer BBQs growing up. (My brothers preferred to be ‘bartenders’). It was always more official and fun with a notepad in hand.


















And once the drinks are handed out, someone is bound to start telling stories. Perhaps your child is a fan of pirates, or a natural storyteller?


















The child in this post could be any child.

Children learn without even realizing it through play, and read and write for real purposes .

We learned this way when we were kids. We played. We helped out. We didn’t have the electronic distractions of today.

The templates above (and a few more) have been designed for today’s more discerning audience in a product called Summer Fun: Reading and writing through play. It is included in a bundle with another Writing for Real Purposes product: Fun Summer Lists, which I wrote about here. I have included the links below, and the original post that launched this line of products.

Kids love to imagine, create and role play. Thank you to those of you who do purchase these products. I hope anyone reading this post is inspired to play with their kids and discreetly slip in teachable moments where possible. The key is to have fun and let go of expectations.

It is summer time after all.

Best wishes to all of you!


That Fun Reading Teacher 

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Thank you for being my Reading Buddy!

Th 1 Father's Day cover 300 Th Label the lifeguard - Colour

R & W through play lg


LANGUAGE ART LESSON- FLAG DAY- Word Search and Double Puzzle with Hidden Message

This exciting Flag Day Word Search & Double Puzzle is a great educational opportunity for the last Days of School. Flag Day is celebrated on June 14. This word search will help you teach students about the significance of the stripes and colors of the American Flag. The American Flag is comprised of 13 stripes that symbolize the thirteen original English colonies. The fifty stars symbolize the fifty states.The stars are five pointed.




It contains

1) Word Search= 27 words (For example)

banderaing (2)-page-001



MISCELLANEOUS LESSON-SPANISH COLORS- Vocabulary & Word Search @ Colorea tu Helado Favorito

This Coloring Package is an amazing resource to practice spelling colors, and having fun doing the Coloring Activity. Great package for Elementary students and for fifth grades students who never had Spanish before. This lesson may be included in the “Moving Up” packages where fifth students can see how easy Spanish vocabulary can be, use a dictionary to complete the word bank, do the word search and complete the Ice Cream Coloring activity.


SPANISHCOLORSVocabularyWordSearchColoreatuHeladoFavorito (1)-page-003 (1)SPANISHCOLORSVocabularyWordSearchColoreatuHeladoFavorito (1)-page-001 (1)SPANISHCOLORSVocabularyWordSearchColoreatuHeladoFavorito (1)-page-002


It contains

1) 12 colors vocabulary/assessment worksheet with word bank

2) 12 Colors Word Search- Make it a game. Divide students in small groups and give stickers to winning groups or homework passes.
3) Ice Cream Coloring Activity -The top part of the ice cream is free so students can color their favorite ice cream and answer the question – What is your favorite Ice Cream?



To Pin this Lesson



Please stop by my store to take advantage of a 10% Sale 


Language Arts Lesson-OCEAN Animals Bingo- Pre K-2 – Writing Prompt

This Ocean Animals BINGO features 12 of the most beloved Ocean Animals . This package is very helpful to celebrate National Aquarium and Zoo month of June in your classroom.



The package includes:
– Lesson PlanOCEANAnimalsBingoPreKWritingPrompt-page-002

-BINGO Board- Students can color objects using a single color . Encourage creativity. For example a blue turtle, green shark.etc


– Once the bingo board is filled, ask students to complete the writing prompt. Each sentence should describe the animal’s color and size. For example: My shark is green and big.


-Play Bingo. Read different combinations and write them on the board. You can play for the whole board. All combinations should be written on the board. Ask students to verify their worksheets and correct them as they play. Winners can get homework passes.

-Word Search- Great conclusion for word recognition and review. Have students work in small groups and compete for a Homework pass.


You have enough material to work for a 1-2 days. You can use the vocabulary worksheet as a quiz at the end of the unit.









10 Ways to Keep Students Learning Over the Summer

 By Deann Marin at The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs


Offering for Educators, Comprehensive Teaching Aides. If you’d like to see what else I have to offer please visit my store.


Summer is the time for fun, fun, fun! School is out no more hitting the books. The only problem is that much of what was learned during the school year is forgotten, “out of sight, out of mind.” Not so with these ten fun educational activities that will keep the children looking for more and not even realizing that they are learning.


1.   Have your child, if he/she is old enough, take pictures of different things that you do over the summer. This will be especially exciting if you travel somewhere. They can put their photographs in a nice scrapbook and write a few  sentences about them. Make sure correct punctuation and grammar are used. What a great memory to look back on. When the school  year begins, this book can be shared in class.

2.   Help your child make a summer calendar for June, July, and August. They can use crayons, pencils, paint, rulers to color them in and add special things that they did over the summer. This will help to reinforce number recognition and counting. An effective way to work on addition and subtraction would be to say: “How many days till we go to the beach? or how many days ago did we go to see grandma and grandpa?’ even “How many days till you go back to school?”(of course they may not want to think about that!)

3.   Make  musical instruments from materials that are found around the house. Use towel/toilet paper rolls decorate them with paint, then put small pebbles inside. Close each end with cloth, or paper then glue them on or secure with rubber bands. This can be used as a rattle or rain stick.  Other instruments that they can make are drums, a box guitar, or a maraca, etc. This is a helpful websitd:  http://www.howcast.com/guides/841-how-to-make-musical-instruments-  for-kids/

4.   Cooking and measuring the ingredients help with math skills. They will have to read the recipe and measure the ingredients correctly.These recipes look yummy: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/packages/recipes-for-kids/cooking- with- kids.html

5.  If your child likes the computer or tablet, take advantage of it. Have him/her become a web ranger. They will go on quests and learn about national parks. It will help enhance skills in history and geography because they will be asked to solve mysteries and puzzles, play games and more. Check it out on this website: http://www.nps.gov/webrangers/ 

6.  Start a family garden. Decide what type of garden it will be, flower,vegetable, herbs or a combination. Then read up on it. Learn about the particular plants that will be used, find out where they should be placed, in the sun or shade. What types of soil are best, etc.  They can use some math measuring skills to figure out how far to space each plant. They can also measure plants to estimate the growth.  They might also try a science experiment to see if seeds grow faster in sun or darkness and keep a written record.  You can go to this website for more information. http://www.kidsgardening.org/

7.  When riding in the car have your child read signs, names of cities, towns, parks, or look for license plates from different states and figure out what states are the farthest away from them, or they can count the number of license plates they see from the different states. Another game that is fun when traveling is to start with the letter A and name a city, state, or country that begins with that letter, go through the entire alphabet. A variation of this would be to say a state, city, or country name and the next person has to come up with a name beginning with the last letter of the place just said. Austin/Nebraska, Anchorage/Evansville, and so on. Everyone in the car plays to make it more fun.

8.  For those would be scientists, start a rock or critter collection. See how many different rocks/ critters they can discover and find information about them in a book or on the web. They can make a scrapbook with photographs and information about the rocks or critters that they have collected.This is a great site for rock collecting, your child will have loads of fun while learning. http://www.kidsloverocks.com/html/guide_to_collecting.html This is just right for collecting those critters. http://www.kidactivities.net/category/Science-Kids-Collecting-Insects.aspx

9.  Have a scavenger or treasure hunt. You will have to write out directions as to where to find something and your child will have to read it in order to find the prize. This website has printable check lists, 10 ideas for scavenger hunts as well as tips and tricks.http://www.mykidsadventures.com/scavenger-hunt-ideas/ This pinterest page has loads of ideas on this subject  https://www.pinterest.com/tiffanymoore2/scavenger-hunt-ideas-for-kids/

10.  Plan a family fun day. Have your child write everything down from the menu to the games that will be played.

Here are some ideas that can be written down

  • Describe the activity. What will you do? Will you play games, go for a swim, watch a movie?
  • How will you prepare ahead of time. Will you need tickets, a picnic lunch, or a reservation?
  • What supplies will you require.
  • How much will it cost?
  • Who will be invited?

Make sure that you or your child takes pictures and then he/she can make an online photo album, write a few sentences about each image and email it to all of those who attended.

 11.  You can play word games such as scrabble, to work on spelling skills, board games like Yahtzee to help with math skills, card games like war which will utilize number skills, or word bingo.  I’ve also included some items that you can purchase through my Tpt store to help reinforce math and word skills learned in school.



End of the Year addit,subt,mult,div board game for grades 2-4  8x8 Cover

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 Check out these blogs for more ideas from some awesome educators

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1. DIY Farmwife-Sharing is Caring- Fight the Sum

2. Carberry Creations- Keeping Students Learning All Summer




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volume 2 cover


Medieval Careers in Medieval Times Volume 2

This BUNDLED product consists of seven individual Medieval Careers in Medieval Times  Lesson Plans including:: Alchemists; Architects and Engineers; Embroiderers and Census-Takers (William the Conqueror, Bayeux Tapestry and Domesday Book); Scribes and the Magna Carta; Monks, Nuns, and Almoners; Pilgrims and the Canterbury Tales; and Explorers and the Age of Exploration.

Medieval Careers: Alchemist

alchemists cover

This product contains 6 one-page reading passages covering Medieval Alchemists, the philosopher’s stone, panacea, Roger Bacon, Nicholas Flamel, and symbolism.  Activities, review game, worksheet and teacher’s key are all included.   This product is also perfect for substitute teacher’s enrichment learning, homeschool or co-ops!  The reading passages are great for close reading with any non-fiction graphic organizer (not included).

Reading Passages:

6 one-page reading passages covering the following topics:

  • Alchemy During the Middle Ages
  • When, Where, Why, What, How, and Who of Alchemy
  • Roger Bacon and Nicholas Flamel
  • Religious Reasons for Symbolism in Alchemy
  • Alchemists Use of Symbolism
  • Success or Cheating?


This product includes the following classroom activities:

 Complete the Job Application

  • Be an Alchemist: Try Some Experiments:
  • Instructions for Dirty Penny Experiments
  • Instructions for Rusting Iron Experiment
  • Instructions for Vinegar and Baking Soda
  • Read an Alchemists Passage and Teachers Key
  • Writing Prompt
  • Play Review Game True/False
  • Alchemists Worksheet and Teachers Key
  • Suggested Books and Movies


Medieval Careers: Architects and Engineers

architect cover

This product contains 7 one-page reading passages covering topics including architects and engineers, castles, cathedrals, siege engines, and peasant huts in the Middle Ages. Activities, review game, worksheet and teacher’s key are all included.   This product is perfect for substitute teachers, enrichment learning, homeschool or co-ops!  The reading passages are great for close reading with any non-fiction graphic organizer (not included).

Reading Passages:

7 one-page reading passages covering the following topics:

  • Who Were the Medieval Builders?
  • Castles and Palaces; Cathedrals and Churches
  • Romanesque and Gothic Styles
  • The Grotesques and Gargoyles
  • Medieval Engineers
  • Battering Ram and Siege Tower
  • Peasant Huts


This product includes the following classroom activities:

 Job Application

  • Architects, Craftsmen and Engineers Worksheet
  • Review Game: Bingo Words and Clues
  • Stained Glass Craft Idea
  • Medieval Architecture Memory Instructions and Pieces
  • Castle Coloring Page
  • Contest: Use a Simple Catapult
  • Create Your Own Catapult

Medieval Careers:  Embroiderers and Census Takers

Embroiderer Cover

William the Conqueror and the Bayeux Tapestry

This product contains 7 one-page reading passages covering the jobs of Medieval monks, nuns and almoners, religion in the Middle Ages, and monastic herbalist.    Activities, review game, worksheet and teacher’s key are all included.   This product is also perfect for substitute teachers, enrichment learning, homeschool or co-ops!  The reading passages are great for close reading with any non-fiction graphic organizer (not included).

Reading Passages:

7 one-page reading passages covering the following topics:

  • Tapestry and Embroidery in the Middle Ages; England in the Middle Ages
  • Embroidery in the Middle Ages
  • Everyone Wants to Be King!
  • William the Conqueror King of England; The Bayeux Tapestry
  • Speculation About the Tapestry
  • The Domesday Book – A Census-Taker
  • The Domesday Book: Problems and Purpose


This product includes the following classroom activities:

  • Job Application
  • Coloring Page William the Conqueror
  • How Big is the Bayeux Tapestry Activity
  • Domesday Activity Conduct a Census!
  • Worksheet Bayeux Tapestry Review and Teachers Key
  • Review Game Bingo Words and Clues
  • Try Finger Weaving!
  • Create a Paper Tapestry
  • Suggested Books

Medieval Careers:  Scribes, Illuminators and the Magna Carta

Scribe Cover


This product contains 5 one-page reading passages covering  the jobs of Medieval Scribes and illuminators, the Magna Carta, supplies for the job, books in the Middle Ages.   Activities, review game,  worksheet and teacher’s key are all included.   This product is also perfect for substitute teachers, enrichment learning, homeschool or co-ops!  The reading passages are great for close reading with any non-fiction graphic organizer (not included).

Reading Passages:

5 one-page reading passages covering the following topics:

  • Books in the Middle Ages
  • Supplies Pen and Ink
  • The Job of Copying and Illuminating
  • Illumination; Who Could Be a Scribe?
  • The Magna Carta


This product includes the following classroom activities:

  • Job Application!
  • Make a Quill Pen!
  • Make Your Own Berry Ink!
  • Review Game: Bingo Words and Clues
  • Write Your Own Great Charter
  • Illuminate a Letter
  • Be a Scribe! Copy a Portion of The Magna Carta
  • Review Worksheet and Teachers Key
  • Suggested Books

Medieval Careers:  Monks, Nuns and Almoners

monk cover

This product contains 5 one-page reading passages covering the jobs of Medieval monks, nuns and almoners, religion in the Middle Ages, and monastic herbalist.    Activities, review game, worksheet and teacher’s key are all included.   This product is also perfect for substitute teachers, enrichment learning, homeschool or co-ops!  The reading passages are great for close reading with any non-fiction graphic organizer (not included).

Reading Passages:

5 one-page reading passages covering the following topics:

  • Religion in the Middle Ages
  • Monks and Nuns
  • A Day in the Life of a Monk
  • Life of a Nun; The Job of Almoner
  • Gregorian Chants; Precentor; Monastic Herbalist


This product includes the following classroom activities:

 Job Application

  • Coloring Page Medieval Priest
  • Listen to Medieval Monastery Chants
  • Writing Activity: Respond to the Prompt
  • Be a Monastic Herbalist!
  • Be an Herbalist: Make your Own Tea!
  • Review Worksheet and Teachers Key
  • Prepare Lunches for the Homeless
  • Play Review Game: Bingo Words and Clues
  • Suggested Books


Medieval Careers:  Pilgrims and the Canterbury Tales

 pilgrim canterbury cover

This product contains 5 one-page reading passages covering the Pilgrims during the Middle Ages, Canterbury Cathedral, Geoffrey Chaucer, and the Canterbury Tales.   Activities, review game, worksheet and teacher’s key are all included.   This product is also perfect for substitute teachers, enrichment learning, homeschool orco-ops!  The reading passages are great for close reading with any non-fiction graphic organizer (not included).

Reading Passages:

5 one-page reading passages covering the following topics:

  • What is a Pilgrim?
  • A Pilgrims Travels; Geoffrey Chaucer
  • The Canterbury Cathedral
  • The Unfinished Canterbury Tales
  • The Canterbury Tales Surviving History


This product includes the following classroom activities:

  • Job Application
  • Translate English to English!
  • Read the Pardoners Tale
  • Write a Tale for Your Pilgrimage!
  • Go On a Pilgrimage; Share Your Story!
  • Coloring Page Medieval Pilgrimage
  • Seek and Find Activity Sheet
  • Review Game: Bingo Words and Clues
  • Complete Pilgrims and the Canterbury Tales Worksheet
  • Suggested Books


Medieval Careers:  Explorers and the Age of Discovery

explorer medieval cover

This product contains 7 one-page reading passages covering Explorers and the Age of Discovery, life on the ship, Marco Polo, Prince Henry the Navigator, and Christopher Columbus.  Activities, review game, worksheet and teacher’s key are all included.   This product is also perfect for substitute teachers, enrichment learning, homeschool or co-ops!  The reading passages are great for close reading with any non-fiction graphic organizer (not included).

Reading Passages:

7 one-page reading passages covering the following topics:

  • The Age of Discovery
  • 15th Century Ships
  • Life on the Ship
  • Sights, Smells, and Tastes
  • Marco Polo
  • Prince Henry the Navigator
  • Christopher Columbus


This product includes the following classroom activities:

  • Job Application
  • The Voyage of Christopher Columbus
  • Map Work Where Have You Journeyed?
  • Make Ship Biscuits: Eat Like an Explorer!
  • Review Worksheet and Teachers Key
  • Review Game True/False
  • Interactive History Adventure
  • Simon Says: Learn to Read a Compass
  • Map Your Room
  • Celebrate the Renaissance! Ideas
  • Medieval Times Faire Ideas
  • Coloring Page Medieval Explorers


Click here to download the preview!

These products are also available individually – visit my store

Happy Learning!



Mother’s Day is right around the corner!  Check out my new Mother’s Day Keepsake Book!


A Book Written in Verse

mothers day cover

mothers day a mothers day b mothers day c


This engaging ABC Book (written in verse) is fun for students to complete and meaningful for moms to receive as a Mother’s Day Keepsake Gift.    Students personalize the books by using their best observations and memories about their moms to complete the pages.

This product includes:

  • Both a Colored Cover and a Black and White Cover
  • A 14-Page Mother’s Day ABC Book Written in Verse
  • Teacher’s Instructions for Completion of the Book
  • 2 pages of images/phrases for the “cut and paste” sections

To complete the book, each student will:

  • Write mommy quotes
  • Draw items found in mom’s purse
  • Cut and paste bedtime routine pictures
  • Measure and record his/her height
  • Make handprint (paint, ink or trace)
  • Create a list of “mom’s favorite things”
  • And much more!

This project is best completed over the course of several days!  Check out the Preview to get an idea of the verses and the activities.


Visit my store to check out my history based lesson plans and products!

The Dealing-With-Feelings Series: The ‘how-to manage tricky feelings’ stories for kids

DWF th1 450

The Dealing-With-Feelings Series by That Fun Reading Teacher #DWF

Let me start by thanking those of you who have made these stories so popular over the past six months. This post is dedicated to you in gratitude. You have buoyed my confidence to continue along this path.

This is how this series came to be.

For the past few years, I have been a Special Education teacher to young children. Just a few years ago, while using social stories in integrated kindergarten classrooms with my students with autism, I noticed that their classmates were benefiting from them, too! The  social stories I was using were written specifically for the child they were being used with, and parts of these stories had little relevance to their classmates. They seemed to be very interested in, and to find comfort in other parts of them.
It occurred to me that many children could benefit from stories that were like social stories, but meant for more of a general audience of young children: Characters role-modeling the how-to’s of dealing with tricky feelings. (We all know how motivated we are when someone TELLS us how to handle something!)Even in kindergarten, some children were already uncomfortable about discussing feelings. Research, parenting, teaching and talking to each other tells us that natural conversation only comes from a willing participant, especially one who initiates it.

AAF thQ: Where can one find kids who can naturally name and discuss a variety of feelings, involve other kids in the conversation without alienating them?

A: In a picture books. All About Feelings is the foundation story for the Dealing-With-Feelings Series. Child narrators introduce kids to a range of emotions by showing them examples of kids feeling them in various situations.

Below are the stories with characters  figuring out how to identify and options they have for dealing with specific tricky feelings:

When I Feel Sad girl full version angry girl th frustr girl
Sad boy th angry boy th frustr boy
Sad bundle th angry bundle th frustr bundle
girls 3 boys 3 7 Book Col

I find myself turning to these stories more often recently.

In September, there were a few sad little people who found comfort in reading about another boy or girl who was sad to say good-bye in the morning, too.

When big kids kicked down snow forts and others were ‘stealing’ snowballs in January, reading about how kids dealt with anger was received a lot better than some of the strategies I’ve used in the past.

Who knew that the phrase ‘use your words’ could result in an airborne chair?

When the temperatures took a dive resulting in clusters of indoor recesses, well, let’s just say that it wasn’t only students benefiting from the When I Feel Frustrated books.

Sad girl th 1.png


What feelings would you like to see dealt with in upcoming books? What are some strategies that you think should be included?

Watch for new titles Summer 2015…

Thank you to Rebekah Brock, whose clip art brought these stories alive!


TpT Store Prof pic circle




www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/That-Fun-Reading-Teachers-Stories-And-Stuff https://www.pinterest.com/thatfunreadtchr/


DWF 7 pck long pin