Math Lesson ~ Bundle of Fun with INTEGERS!

Have Fun & Engage Students on Positive & Negative Integers!


3 Methods of working with Operations of Integers are Included – the number line method, visual method, & algorithm method.  Perfect to differentiate and teach operations with Integers!



Help your students understand all operations with positive & negative integers

with this packet of activities!

 ★ Several methods of solving problems with positive & negative integers are included! A great resource for interactive notebooks & differentiation! ★

Included in the Positive & Negative Integer Bundle

•  8 pages showing the various methods to solve positive & negative integer problems

•  6 pages of graphic organizers for interactive journals to assist you in differentiation

•  A page of number line ladders for students to utilize

•  2 pages demonstrating the Ladder Method of subtracting negative integers

•  2 pages of Integer Operations Card Games directions & instructions
•  2 pages of Integer Operations Card Games recording sheets
•  7 pages of Addition & Subtraction of + and – Integers including Answer Key
•  7 pages of Multiplication & Division of + and – Integers including Answer Key
•  Cover page, Page of instructional tips, strategies, & End Page
•  Please NOTE – the color and black & white pages are the same pages –

they are in color if you wish to print in color and they are in black & white

to assist in printing only B&W pages if that is what you wish


Learn more about this bundle here…..

Positive & Negative Integer Bundle of Fun!


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