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Math Lesson ~ Bundle of Fun with INTEGERS!

Have Fun & Engage Students on Positive & Negative Integers!


3 Methods of working with Operations of Integers are Included – the number line method, visual method, & algorithm method.  Perfect to differentiate and teach operations with Integers!



Help your students understand all operations with positive & negative integers

with this packet of activities!

 ★ Several methods of solving problems with positive & negative integers are included! A great resource for interactive notebooks & differentiation! ★

Included in the Positive & Negative Integer Bundle

•  8 pages showing the various methods to solve positive & negative integer problems

•  6 pages of graphic organizers for interactive journals to assist you in differentiation

•  A page of number line ladders for students to utilize

•  2 pages demonstrating the Ladder Method of subtracting negative integers

•  2 pages of Integer Operations Card Games directions & instructions
•  2 pages of Integer Operations Card Games recording sheets
•  7 pages of Addition & Subtraction of + and – Integers including Answer Key
•  7 pages of Multiplication & Division of + and – Integers including Answer Key
•  Cover page, Page of instructional tips, strategies, & End Page
•  Please NOTE – the color and black & white pages are the same pages –

they are in color if you wish to print in color and they are in black & white

to assist in printing only B&W pages if that is what you wish


Learn more about this bundle here…..

Positive & Negative Integer Bundle of Fun!


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M Moore

Certified K-6, 6-9 math, and 6-9 science

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Prime Factorization Task Cards – Freebie

These task cards are great to help support students with Prime Factorization. My students always need a ton of extra practice with this skill.  Here are free task cards that I made to use this fall.





You can find these cards for free HERE!


I place task cards around my classroom, give my kids the response sheet that is provided, then they walk around the room answering the questions.  They will love it.  One thing that I’ve found is that task cards really help differentiate between high and low levels of learning.  The high students will get to answer all of the cards.  The lower students, you can take time and walk with them helping them.


Thanks for viewing!


Sara Oberheide



MyMath 5th Grade Chapter 1 Resources

Calling all 5th grade math teachers!



Click here for this math product!

Below are all of the resources you can find in this bundle for common core math standard 5.NBT.  This is designed to help teachers who use MyMath as their curriculum, however, if you teach 5th grade math you can easily use these resources in your classroom.


-Task cards with QR codes to support place value
-Task cards to support expanded and standard form with decimals
-Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle
-Vocabulary Cards
-Essential Question Poster to display in your classroom
-“I can” posters to display in your classroom
-5 worksheets (with answer key) for additional practice with these skills.


This pack is well worth $5, just for the task cards alone!

Thank you for viewing my post!

Sara Oberheide

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