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November 2019 Teacher Talk

Posted by Deann Marin of Socrates Lantern

It’s November Teacher Talk Time…..Can you believe that Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. Time sure flies.  We have so many great tips and ideas for you from awesome educators. Be sure to take a look at what everyone has to say.

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Empathy and Digital Citizenship
I can only speak for myself,
but I bet that many of us have not even thought about speaking with our
students concerning using good manners when commenting on that blog
post, or stating opinions on social media sites.  Not only do our
classes need to be educated about online etiquette, or netiquette
but they have to learn to be careful about what kind of information they share online.
 For the Love of Bookmaking
November . . . the time of year when students are starting to get antsy for Winter Break, yet it’s still not close enough. Teachers are tired, parent conference time and report cards are here, the time change has made it darker earlier. . . Bookmaking is the perfect solution for reinvigorating your students’ writing in any content area!
By Retta London of Rainbow City Learning

Our family has a reunion every year at Thanksgiving time. We are
scattered all over the country (actually all over the world) now, but
each year as many as possible try to meet up for a banquet cooked by
professional chefs (yay!) rather than by any of us.

 The value of learning about number lines
 Number lines help your students to learn skills they will need for the rest of their lives. Use these tips all year long!
The Superintendent’s Tears
 We made our superintendent cry. Read about how we did it .
 Meaningful Activities to Do Before Winter Break
 Here are two free activities to use before the Winter Holidays.
 Supporting Reluctant Writers
By Marcy Howe of It’s a Teacher Thing

Learn easy, effective tips for supporting reluctant writers in your 4th through 8th grade classroom.

Gentle Rebellion 101: A Teaching Story
By Tracy Willis of Mossy Oak Musings

 “Once upon a time, there was a fearsome dandelion fighter. Every week, he rode a 20 horsepower mower across an immaculate lawn… a lawn manicured so carefully that when the neighborhood association whipped out its Home Depot measuring tape, no matter where they measured, his grass was exactly 1 1/2 inches tall… ” 
 Looking deeper at craft and structure in the Common Core
By Lisa Robles of LisaTeachR

 Looking deeper at craft and structure in the Common Core

 Five Tips for Your Native American Lessons
By Michelle Webb of Teaching Ideas For Those Who Love Teaching

 Tips to make your Native American unit a success.

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FREE SCIENCE LESSON – Layers of the Earth!

By:  The Owl Teacher

Grades 2-5

An earth science unit would never be complete without first discussing the three layers of the earth!  Most students know a thing or two about these layers.  They know the center is the core and it’s hot!  They know the crust is where the land is.  But why not see just how much they know?


If you head over to this page on my blog (found here) you will find this cute cut and paste freebie for your students!  They read each strip, then cut it out, and glue it under the correct column!  How fun is that?  Isn’t it nice to have a different activity related to the layers of the earth that is FREE!?!

Happy Teaching!


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Prime Factorization Task Cards – Freebie

These task cards are great to help support students with Prime Factorization. My students always need a ton of extra practice with this skill.  Here are free task cards that I made to use this fall.





You can find these cards for free HERE!


I place task cards around my classroom, give my kids the response sheet that is provided, then they walk around the room answering the questions.  They will love it.  One thing that I’ve found is that task cards really help differentiate between high and low levels of learning.  The high students will get to answer all of the cards.  The lower students, you can take time and walk with them helping them.


Thanks for viewing!


Sara Oberheide



School Memories Grades (Grades 3-6) FREEBIE

By Deann Marin at The Best of Teachers Entrepreneurs

Socrates LanternHeader Graphic small

Offering for Educators, Comprehensive Teaching Aides. If you’d like to see what else I have to offer please visit my store

This is an end of the year FREEBIE for grades 4-6 called,”School Memories.” Children are to add a photo of themselves or draw one, and answer some questions about their school year. There is also a page for autographs. It will be so nice for the kids to look back at this and remember their wonderful school experiences. I truly hope that both you and your class enjoy using this FREEBIE. 

School Memories 8X8 Cover

School Memories 1

School Memories



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