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Make History Come Alive!

I am so excited to share this week’s topic-

Make History Come Alive!

This was so fun to put together! This is a collection of blogs from talented educators all about their ideas to spice up History lessons! Follow this link for more detailed information about each lesson! Several of the ideas are completely FREE! This is definitely time well spent!

Make History Come Alive!
“Sharing is Caring Elite Teacher Blogging Cooperative”

Blog with your Class

Blogging with your class is fun.  Students have the opportunity to write for a worldwide audience, research, learn technology, and share their learningBlog Guide Cover with the world.

This guide gives teachers time-saving tools, checklists, assessment forms, parent communication, and student contracts.

Additionally, there are 99 differentiated writing prompts.  The teacher or the student can choose a “mild,” “medium,” or “extra spicy” variation on a topic.  Use the tic tac toe board to encourage students to challenge themselves.

The differentiated topics make great mini-lesson topics, and they are perfect for the student that loves to play with technology in creative ways.

Check out this resource on Just Add Students

Get started blogging with your class!