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Spring into Grammar (Part 2) for Grades 4-6

By Deann Marin at the Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs

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Spring has sprung the grass has riz, I wonder where the birdies is? This is what was going through my mind as I made this item. It is a spring grammar bundle for grades 4-6. Included are  worksheets to help reinforce the 4 types of sentences (Interrogative, Declarative, Imperative  and Exclamatory), Contractions and  Possessives. 

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Pages    3–4             Teacher Instructions

Pages    5-7              Four Kinds of Sentences

Pages    8-10            Spring into Contractions

Pages    11-13          Spring into Possessives

Pages    14-19          Answers


  • Four Kinds of Sentences:
  1. If the sentence is Declarative put a D on the line, if the sentence is Imperative put an I on the line, if the sentence is  Interrogative put a ? on the line , if the  sentence is                Exclamatory put an E on the line.  Put the correct punctuation at the end of the sentence.  * Some sentences may be Imperative and Exclamatory, so put I, E .
  2. Write 2 sentences for each type:  Declarative, Imperative,  Declarative, Interrogative. Be sure to use  correct punctuation.
  • Spring into Contractions:
  1. Write the contraction for the words you see in the box.                                                                    
  2. Write the long form of the contraction.
  3. Choose 10 contractions and write sentences using them.
  • Spring into Possessives  
    1. Write the possessive for each sentence.  (his, our, mine, your, hers,  ours, their) One word is used twice.
    2. Put a line under the possessives that are written correctly.
    3. Choose 10 possessives and write a sentence for each one

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