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Mini Grammar Books: Teach Parts of Speech

These easy-to-use, printable mini grammar books are ready for use.  There are ten mini books that feature the parts of speech.  Each page contains printed headings that can be used to organize notes.  preview 2

Students can create their own reference mini books to use when they’re learning to use different grammatical concepts.

By using the books for writing assessments, quizzes, journal prompts, and practice, students strengthen note taking skills.  Students also go back to their own text to check for understanding.

So many ways to strengthen student engagement between grammar and writing!



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Mary Pat

Blog with your Class

Blogging with your class is fun.  Students have the opportunity to write for a worldwide audience, research, learn technology, and share their learningBlog Guide Cover with the world.

This guide gives teachers time-saving tools, checklists, assessment forms, parent communication, and student contracts.

Additionally, there are 99 differentiated writing prompts.  The teacher or the student can choose a “mild,” “medium,” or “extra spicy” variation on a topic.  Use the tic tac toe board to encourage students to challenge themselves.

The differentiated topics make great mini-lesson topics, and they are perfect for the student that loves to play with technology in creative ways.

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Get started blogging with your class!


Language Arts – “The Secret Heart” Analyzing and Writing Poetry

Language Arts – “The Secret Heart” Analyzing and Writing Poetry

By Mary Pat Mahoney

Just Add Students

Teach critical thinking, analysis, and creative writing using the poem “The Secret Heart” by Robert Coffin. This delightful poem tells the story of a childhood memory a son has about his father.

This resource will guide your students’ understanding of the poem by using the TP-FASTT and DIDLS analysis acronyms.

The analysis tools are broken down in easy-to-follow activities – including practice scanning the poem.

The lesson ends with an opportunity for students to write their own childhood memory poem based on the format of “The Secret Heart.”

This resource includes:
*daily lesson plans (CCSS aligned)
*pre-reading childhood memory activity
*student notes
*paraphrase chart
*figurative language activity
*analysis of figurative language
*DIDLS chart
*attitude analysis
*symbol analysis
*title chart
*theme analysis
*guided writing prompt: Analyze theme
*comprehension assessment
*graphic organizers for original poem
*paper and frame for final poem
*answer keys

“The Secret Heart” is widely anthologized. It is not in the Public Domain, so I haven’t included a copy of the poem with this lesson. It is available through online and print sources.


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Mary Pat