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Free – All About Me Foldable

Do you need a FREE cute back to school activity?  This foldable is perfect for you and your students.


This foldable was designed for use for all elementary classrooms K-5th grade.  You will need to print off the grade level for your classroom, and make copies for your students.

You can find this printable HERE!


My students will be completing the foldable, partner up, then introduce their partner to our new class. It will be a great way for kids to work together and learn about each other.


Here is an example of the 1st grade page.


I hope you can use this in the first few days of school.  I’d love to hear for different ideas and uses for this foldable.


Thank you so much for viewing this post!

Sara Oberheide

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Mini Grammar Books: Teach Parts of Speech

These easy-to-use, printable mini grammar books are ready for use.  There are ten mini books that feature the parts of speech.  Each page contains printed headings that can be used to organize notes.  preview 2

Students can create their own reference mini books to use when they’re learning to use different grammatical concepts.

By using the books for writing assessments, quizzes, journal prompts, and practice, students strengthen note taking skills.  Students also go back to their own text to check for understanding.

So many ways to strengthen student engagement between grammar and writing!



mini grammar book picmini grammar nouns Cover


Check out more on Mini Grammar Books  at  Just Add Students

Mary Pat