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FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON – “Spring Homework Freebie!!”

by Casey Herling

PreK-1st Grade


Spring Homework Freebie Cover Page

Spring homework FREEBIE!! Two spring-themed homework pages (answer sheets included). If you like these resources, please check out the whole Spring Homework Packet here!

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“Caterpillar Addition” Mathematics/Writing
We learn to add groups together to find a total, write numerals, and write purposeful marks and letters.

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“Little Lovelies”
Reading/ELA/Fine Motor
We learn to match sounds in words to printed letters (phonics), and strengthen and refine our small muscle skills.

Bandicoot's Bumbershoot



How to Hone a “Soft Skill” (& a GIVEAWAY – Read On)

This week the Sharing is Caring Elite Blogging Cooperative is blogging on this week’s topic “Incorporating Soft Skills Into the Classroom.”


If you haven’t heard the phrase “soft skills” (I had to look that one up) basically it means, how to you teach that stuff students aren’t assessed on in class. We used to call them social skills, manners, etc… Now it includes a bit more like how to handle a bully, and what to do in an emergency.

These soft skills may be the most important things you actually teacher students this year. More than how well they read, how well they can navigate various social situations (Sometimes referred to as emotional or social intelligence), predicts how successful students are in their future lives.

Want to read about social Intelligence? Check out these sites (Yes I know Forbes isn’t a research magazine – but employers read it and they are learning what to look for in an employee of the future):

Ok, So how do we teach soft skill in the classroom, when we have no time set specifically aside to do so?

In many schools (mine, my children’s, their grandmother’s to name a few) PBIS has become the norm. What it essentially amounts to is using loads of positive praise in the classroom daily to focus students in on what behaviors we want to teach. Schools tend to adopt school wide behavior incentives, such as praise tickets, used to purchase prizes in a school store, or admission to a fun event at the school. Teachers (or teaching teams) are often left to devise their own in class rewards and incentives. Read On

Frankenstein: Teacher’s Guide and Lesson Activity Unit Common Core Aligned

by Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti

Grades 9, 10, 11, 12

Link to Unit

Cover of Frankenstein

Cover of Frankenstein

This is a Common Core State Standards – Higher Order Thinking Unit for Mary Shelley’s classic novel “Frankenstein”.

Revised — new graphic organizers and activities for differentiated instruction included!!

Activity templates, vocabulary, chapter descriptions, teacher note pages, critical thinking comprehension questions by chapter, fluency and chapter-by-chapter close reading assignments are perfect for all level classrooms with some differentiation to span from intervention to AP settings. This unit also includes Socratic seminar/discussion plans as well as lessons around the gothic novel, theme and so much more.

The comprehension activities included herein are designed to spark learning and thinking, while partner activities will inspire critical thinking in both challenged and Advanced Placement learners. Dozens of reproducible student lessons are included as well as notes on chapter content, theme, genre and much more.

This interactive teacher’s guide will help you help your students gain a better understanding and appreciation of Mary Shelley and one of the greatest literary works of all time…Frankenstein.

The entire packet is available for previewing so please look to know exactly what you are getting.

Great video lesson clip to enhance this packet: Clipped Classic Video Lesson of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Common Core

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