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Digital Citizenship Unit

This is an excellent unit that introduces the concept of digital citizenship. Perfect for classes that are just starting to use technology in the classroom or for classrooms using iPads extensively. This unit teaches students how to use technology in the classroom safely and responsibly. Topics covered:

Going places safely online
Sites I like

Searching safely online
Making safe blog posts

My preview gives one of these lessons away for free!

After each short 10-15 minute teaching portion, the students get to create something that reinforces the lesson about digital citizenship and safety.

This unit also provide letters after each safety session to send home to parents to prove that that students have been trained in using digital technology.

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Cendrillon: A Caribbean Cinderella No Prep Unit

by Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti

Grades 2, 3, 4

Cendrillon: A Caribbean Cinderella No Prep Unit

Chapin-Pinotti Cendrillon Cover

This is a no prep unit for “Cendrillon” by Robert D. San Souci. These engaging activities are turn-key…read the story to your class or have them read it as part of literature circles, go over the Cinderella story elements and engage them with these lessons!

Activities are naturally differentiated and aligned with the Common Core State Standards. Engaging interactive notebook pages included.


Table of Contents

Cinderella Elements
#1: Cendrillon Problem Solution Interactive Notebook Page
#2: Cendrillon Character Traits RL.3

#3: Godmother Character Traits RL.3
#4: Critical Thinking Literature Questions Interactive Notebook Page
#5: Ask and Answer Questions from the Story RL.1
#6: Inferring RL.6
#7: Cendrillon – What do you think? RL.1 and 3
#8: Problem/Solution Interactive Notebook Page RL.5
#9: Critical Thinking Questions
#10: About Cendrillon RL 1 and 2
#11: Recounting Cendrillon
#12: Character Motivation and Evidence RL.5
#13: Non-Fiction Quick Write: French Creole
#14 Cendrillon: Character Conflicts RL.1 and 3
#15 Sentence Sorting RL.2 Answers: 3, 2, 4, 1, 5, 7, 6
#16 From Sentence Sorting to Essay Writing RL1 and 2
#17: Quick Write: Compare and Contrast RL.9
#18: Text-to-Text RL.9
#19: I Can Answer Questions About the Text RL.1

#20: Theme
#21: Moral RL.2
#22: Inferring RL.6
#23 Retell the Story through your Favorite Drawings RL.7
#24: Cause and Effect
#25: Cendrillon Report Card
#26; Cendrillon Book Review
Rubric for Constructed Response

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Chapin-Pinotti: Cendrillon Sentence StripsChapin-Pinotti Cendrillon Interactive Notebook PageCendrillon Problem Solution