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How to Destress Students on Test Day

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Stress’s impact on other life functions is one of the most researched psychological issues. It has been shown by researchers  by psychologists Robert M. Yerkes and John Dillingham Dodson as early as 1908 that too much stress can negatively impact performance in many ways including on tests. Many many studies have gone on to support their research. So, finding ways to keep kids calm(er) on test days is extremely important.

My son’s school started SBAC testing last week. He’s a struggling 4th grade perfectionist. His stress level has been very high, and we have 1 week to go. His teachers have given him 2 weeks off of homework, and bubble gum during the test taking time. When I asked my son how he felt about the test he put his thumb out to the side, thought about it for a second, and quickly turned it downward.

This got me to thinking about the strategies I have used over the years to destress students for test days. I have used several different strategies which I will share with you, and no one alone seems to do the trick. Every child is different, so what calms them is different too. It is important to try using multiple strategies for students to get the most impact from the effort. <<Read On>>

Language Arts – “Poetry Unit: How to Write 8 Poems”

By Christina L

Grades 2-5


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This packet contains instructions, templates, worksheets and topic ideas for creating 8 types of poems.

The poems covered include:

*Syllable Cinquain
*Parts of Speech Poem
*Name Acrostic
*Fives Senses Poem
*Silly Rhyme

Suggested Uses:
* Laminate the instructions/example of each poem to place in a poetry literacy center. Include copies of templates for students to create final copies. They can use the checklist to mark which poems they have done.
* Or, use the poems individually throughout the year. For example, pick one out to use for a holiday, a new season or even recent field trip. (The Five Senses Poem would be great to recall a field trip.)

Thanks for looking!

Christina L

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Daily Math

By Little Achievers

Kindergarten and 1st


These daily math worksheets are great for morning work or to be used as a quick check, homework, or as a center. The pack is designed and framed for a 5-day rotation period, so after introducing the first sheet each week, students can complete remaining sheets independently.
The pack includes 12 sets of weekly practice.

Kindergarten Daily Math Part 1

You can get this packet here!

Skills included:

~Numbers and Counting
Numbers (1 to 100), number names (one to twenty), count forward and backward, tally marks, number line, count blocks, number sequence, dominos, tens frames, tens and ones, skip counting by 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, and 10s.
~Addition (sums up to 10):
~Addition with pictures and addition word problems
~Subtraction (numbers up to 10):
~Subtraction with pictures and subtraction word problems
~Data graphs
~Telling time
~Counting money
Coin value, count money (pennies and nickels)

Happy Teaching!

Little Achievers

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