Language Arts – “Poetry Unit: How to Write 8 Poems”

By Christina L

Grades 2-5


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This packet contains instructions, templates, worksheets and topic ideas for creating 8 types of poems.

The poems covered include:

*Syllable Cinquain
*Parts of Speech Poem
*Name Acrostic
*Fives Senses Poem
*Silly Rhyme

Suggested Uses:
* Laminate the instructions/example of each poem to place in a poetry literacy center. Include copies of templates for students to create final copies. They can use the checklist to mark which poems they have done.
* Or, use the poems individually throughout the year. For example, pick one out to use for a holiday, a new season or even recent field trip. (The Five Senses Poem would be great to recall a field trip.)

Thanks for looking!

Christina L

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