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Grammar Review

By Little Achievers

Grade 1 and 2


This Grammar Review packet consists of 10 sets of language review printables to practice and assess grammar skills.

All sets included in this packet follow the same format and gradually increase in difficulty level.

The grammar skills included in this packet are:
sentence, subject & predicate, types of sentences, sentence editing, noun, plural form, common and proper noun, rhyming word, pronoun, action verb, linking verb, contractions, synonyms, antonyms, prefix & suffix, adjective, and possessive form of noun.

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Little Achievers

Sight Words: Write and Read

By Little Achievers


This pack offers great intervention to help your students practice writing and reading sight words in context.



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These worksheets contain all the pre-primer and primer sight words that your students will be studying throughout the year. Make the most of your student’s sight word practice by using these all-in-one worksheets.

Students will practice writing the word and reading the word in context. Students will also color the word, find and highlight the word, build the word, and write the word in 4 different ways.

For pre-primer list, students will write the word in a sentence, read the sentence, and then match the sentence to the corresponding picture.




For primer list, students will make their own sentence using the focused word.


This packet includes 90 sight words (40 pre-primer and 50 primer).

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Little Achievers

Daily Math

By Little Achievers

Kindergarten and 1st


These daily math worksheets are great for morning work or to be used as a quick check, homework, or as a center. The pack is designed and framed for a 5-day rotation period, so after introducing the first sheet each week, students can complete remaining sheets independently.
The pack includes 12 sets of weekly practice.

Kindergarten Daily Math Part 1

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Skills included:

~Numbers and Counting
Numbers (1 to 100), number names (one to twenty), count forward and backward, tally marks, number line, count blocks, number sequence, dominos, tens frames, tens and ones, skip counting by 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, and 10s.
~Addition (sums up to 10):
~Addition with pictures and addition word problems
~Subtraction (numbers up to 10):
~Subtraction with pictures and subtraction word problems
~Data graphs
~Telling time
~Counting money
Coin value, count money (pennies and nickels)

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Little Achievers

All About Plants


By Little Achievers

Grade: 2-3

 Plant some seeds of knowledge using this complete plant unit.

This pack includes posters, life cycle of a plant booklet, vocabulary cards, graphic organizers, worksheets, writing prompts, inside a seed activity, and more.

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This is a complete pack! Inside the packet, you will find:

Vocabulary cards:

  • seed, root, stem, leaves, flower, fruit, plant life cycle, photosynthesis, chlorophyll

Posters (colored and B&W):

  • Parts of a plant, Life cycle of a plant, The plant needs, Photosynthesis, Seed

Posters with description (laminate or place them in plastic pocket protector)

  • What is a plant?, Plant are important, Seeds, Roots, Leaves, Stem, Flower, Fruit, Vegetable, photosynthesis

Plant life cycle

  • Colored (full-page and half-page) and B&W (half-page)




  • Inside a seed description and lab activity

Graphic organizers and writing pages
Plant observation pages
Writing prompts




•True or False
•Multiple choice questions

Parts of a Plant Flap Book


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Little Achievers

CVC: A Licence to All CVC Resources

By Little Achievers


CVC: A Licence to All My CVC Resources

The fun, engaging, and interactive CVC Word activities included in this MEGABUNDLE are perfect for literacy center, word work, and independent practice!

As I create more CVC word work, I will add it to this packet. Once purchased, you will always be able to download the updated file at no additional cost.

Pages >1150


cover new

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This packet includes

  • Posters
  • Play-dough mats
  • Write the room cards
  • CVC puzzles (3 versions)
  • CVC Word Books
  • No-prep printables for CVC word families
  • Review (5 review sets for all 5 vowels and 1 set of mixed review).




cvc puzzlesSlide13

Slide16 4


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Each short vowel (CVC) packet has the following Word Work activities:
(Here I am including all of the activities of the –at family!)
~“-at” word family house
~Two full-size posters
~CVC cards (find and match)
~I can Write the -at words
~I can find the -at words
~I can stamp the -at words
~I can build the -at words
~I can dab the -at words
~I can color the -at words
~I can sort the -at words
~I can spin and trace the -at words
~I can complete a sentence using –at words
~I can draw –at pictures
~I can fill in the –at words
~I can find and highlight the -at words (in a sentence)
~I can write a story using –at words
~My –at word book
All of the activities will be the same for each of the packets.

-Say it, build it, write it: Generic practice mat
-Play dough mats
-I can write the room (cards and response sheet)



Happy Teaching!

Little Achievers

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