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LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON- Holiday Traditions Grammar Stories

Holiday Traditions Grammar Stories

Timely fun!  Grades 4-8 enjoy discovering the origins of holiday traditions while practicing grammar skills at the same time. This set focuses on most common student grammatical errors, and Answer Keys include explanations for every correction. Perfect for homework, seatwork, or learning centers at this time of year! Grammar practice can be both enjoyable and interesting! https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/ENGLISH-GRAMMAR-STORIES-HOLIDAY-TRADITIONS-1588369

Grammar Review: History of Sports

Perfect review for the end of the school year! Grade 6-12 students can review important grammar skills while reading interesting stories about how some popular sports developed. The set contains 10 stories with Answer Keys + an explanation for every correction.  A short writing prompt, a corrected version in paragraph form, and instructions for team play are also included.


History of Sports Grammar Stories

The perfect way to start the new school year!

Assess the grammar skills of your new classes while providing an interesting and effective way for them to review grammar rules. You can evaluate individual and/or class strengths and weaknesses while the students enjoy learning about the history of 10 popular worldwide sports. History of Sports Grammar Stories uses Reading Spotlight’s familiar format but includes two new charts for class evaluations.





New! Effective! Motivating! Easy to Use!

Use the hype of the Summer Games as an enjoyable and exciting inspiration to practice grammar and spelling skills! These stories are so much better than boring, ordinary, grammar practice sentences. They focus on the most common grammatical and spelling errors, and each story includes an Answer Key PLUS an explanation for each correction. Paper medals to award are also added. See it @ https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/ENGLISH-GRAMMAR-SPORTS-STORIES-The-Stars-of-Rio-2753537
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Grammar Review

By Little Achievers

Grade 1 and 2


This Grammar Review packet consists of 10 sets of language review printables to practice and assess grammar skills.

All sets included in this packet follow the same format and gradually increase in difficulty level.

The grammar skills included in this packet are:
sentence, subject & predicate, types of sentences, sentence editing, noun, plural form, common and proper noun, rhyming word, pronoun, action verb, linking verb, contractions, synonyms, antonyms, prefix & suffix, adjective, and possessive form of noun.

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Thank you!

Little Achievers