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AP Calculus AB – Limits and Definition of Derivative Test


1. Test – section I: Multiple Choice, Section II: Free Response

2. Answer key for Section I, II (Detailed solution to the Free Response)

3. Terms of Use Page

4. Preview Page

Types of problems: Techniques used to find limits of rational functions when the functions appears to be indeterminate, polynomial functions, finding the derivative using the definition of the derivative.

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FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON – “Spring Homework Freebie!!”

by Casey Herling

PreK-1st Grade


Spring Homework Freebie Cover Page

Spring homework FREEBIE!! Two spring-themed homework pages (answer sheets included). If you like these resources, please check out the whole Spring Homework Packet here!

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“Caterpillar Addition” Mathematics/Writing
We learn to add groups together to find a total, write numerals, and write purposeful marks and letters.

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“Little Lovelies”
Reading/ELA/Fine Motor
We learn to match sounds in words to printed letters (phonics), and strengthen and refine our small muscle skills.

Bandicoot's Bumbershoot