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AP Calculus AB – Limits and Definition of Derivative Test


1. Test – section I: Multiple Choice, Section II: Free Response

2. Answer key for Section I, II (Detailed solution to the Free Response)

3. Terms of Use Page

4. Preview Page

Types of problems: Techniques used to find limits of rational functions when the functions appears to be indeterminate, polynomial functions, finding the derivative using the definition of the derivative.

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Laws of Logarithms – Introductory Lesson

Law of Logarithms – Introductory lesson


1. Notes/Guided Practice on Laws of Logarithms

2. Your turn examples for students; Check for understanding

3. Class Exercise

4. Quiz (10 questions) – with detailed solutions and answers

5. Additional notes from Laws of Exponents

The first several pages are shown for preview purposes only.

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Venn Diagrams in Set Theory – Word Problems

Venn diagram in Set Theory – this is a set of notes designed to familiarize students with Venn diagrams in set theory.


1. 1 – word problem on Venn diagram with a detailed solution set to the word problem.

2. Template for teachers to create their own word problems based on the template provided. Create your own word problems and create a story to match the numbers you choose in the Venn diagram.

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FREE MATH LESSON – Geometry – The Pythagorean Theorem – Distances and Lengths of Line Segments


1. Guided Practice

2. Your Turn (student) examples

3. Practice Exercise

4. Answer Key

This is another way to look at the distance between two points or the length of the line segment in Geometry. Graph the two points on an x-y-coordinate plane. Sketch a right triangle with the line segment as the hypotenuse of the right triangle. Use the Pythagorean Theorem to find the length of the segment or the distance between the points.

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