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November Teacher Talk

Posted by Deann Marin of Socrates Lantern

It’s November Teacher Talk Time…..Can you believe that Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. Time sure flies.  We have so many great tips and ideas for you from awesome educators. Be sure to take a look at what everyone has to say.

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Politics, Elections & Voting, Oh My!
By Deann Marin of Socrates Lantern

We educators, need to have faith that students care enough about our democracy to become voices of change.

Holiday Self Care
By Retta London of Rainbow City Learning

My message today is about some ways that you might consider in taking care of yourself during these always fast paced couple of months ahead.
It Depends on the Angle – Complimentary and Supplementary Angles
By Vicky Rauch of Scipi

Since most students are visual learners, I try to visually help them remember definitions. This is how I visually taught them the difference between complementary and 
supplementary angles.

Why Does U Always Follow Q in English Spelling?
By Gini Musmanno of Reading Spotlight

Have you ever wondered why the letter U always follows Q in English spelling? Here’s the answer.

Do You Know These Top 5 Core 2-Word Phrases?
By Susan Berkowitz of Susan Berkowitz

Far too many students never make it to the symbol sequencing stage of AAC use. Whether because of presumed lack of potential or lack of knowledge about how to move students along beyond single words, we end up with many AAC users who are not communicating as competently as they could – and need.


Avoid Comparing Adjectives That Are Absolute
By Charlene Tess of Charlene Tess

Something can be unique, but not more unique.

Free Art DecoChristmas Tree Coloring Pages to Support St Jude’s Childrens Hospital
By Margo Gentile of Margo Gentile

Get some free “Art Deco” Christmas coloring pages with links to powerpoint tutorials showing how to make Christmas graphics using basic shapes. 

Five Tips for Teaching Literary Analysis Writing in Grades 5-8
By Marcy Howe of It’s a Teacher Thing

Learn five practical tips for teaching one of the most challenging genres in writing.

Preserving History
By Kathie Yonemura of Tried and True Teaching Tools

History books (& Hollywood) have often depicted Native Americans in very stereotypical and often degrading roles. Researching and creating scrapbooks of California tribes highlights the important relationship between the regions and natural resources, dependence on the land, as well as their beliefs.

Reasoning with Evidence & Persuasive Thinking
By Tracy Willis of Wild Child Designs


Raise your hand if you wish your students would support their thinking with evidence! Visible thinking’s Claim-Support-Question is a great way to build your students’ capacity. This post explores how reasoning with evidence can flow across your curriculum with one BIG thinking routine!

Valentines and Adjectives: Little Love Letters

Improve vocabulary and classroom cooperation

Encourage friendship and community in your classes while improving vocabulary at the same time!

So much better than those common, perfunctory, pre-printed Valentines!

Little Love Letters includes a Matching Exercise (with KEY) for improving knowledge of many adjectives that explore character traits. It improves word power while also serving as written prompts for the personal Valentines.  The notes themselves give students a little nudge toward class cooperation and affirmation.  Complete, clear, and simple instructions and forms for busy teachers are added.

You might also be interested in another unique Valentine activity from the Reading Spotlight Store:

An Invisible Valentine Card

Yes, it really is invisible!

Enjoy the smiles!


Language Arts – “Adjectives”

By Christina L

Grades 2-4




Here are some fun activities that can be used in literacy centers, small or large groups and when you need something fun to review adjectives.

2 Games
Matching: Match the pictures and adjectives (30 cards)
Sorting: Nouns, Verbs or Adjectives? (24 cards) + Answer Key

6 Worksheets
•1 A to Z Adjective Word Hunt “Can you write an adjective for each letter of the alphabet? Write your adjectives below.”
•2 Adjective Illustrations “Read the adjectives below. Think of a noun that can be described using these adjectives. Then draw a picture in the box.”
•2 Adjective Illustrations “Write two adjectives for each picture.”
•1 Adjective Word Challenge (Have students work individually or in pairs to come up with the most unique answers.)

Click here for a closer look!

***Newly revised April 17, 2015!***

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