FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON – “Comprehension Question Help (Freebie!)”

by Shelli and Brittany

1st – 2nd Grade



Every year I have a few students who have trouble answering comprehension questions. I found that it is mostly because they don’t understand the first word of the question (or they went too fast and didn’t pay attention to it!) I’ve spent a lot of time this year discussing what type of answers they should have for a ‘who’ question, ‘where’ question, etc. I created a few posters to help my kids and wanted to share them in case someone needed help with the same thing! We talk about if the ? starts with ‘Who’, then their answer will be a person or character. I’ve also been having them write their answers to EVERYTHING using complete sentences. I’ve taught them how to use the question to make their answers. This has also helped them answer questions correctly. I’ve included two worksheets for this at the end. We would appreciate any feedback if you enjoy this freebie!! Thanks so much!
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