FREE MATH LESSON – “Number Slap Hands to 10 FREEBIE”

by Reading with Mrs D

Pre-Kindergarten – Kindergarten

Are you looking for a new interactive way to teach and assess Number knowledge to 10?

Try these new Number slap hands, inspired by my VERY popular Dolch Slap hands!

This set includes 2 separate options to print!
Numeral cards (1, 2, etc)
Numbers as words(one, two, etc)
Includes all numbers 1-10

Simply print on cardstock and scatter in a random pattern on the floor or taped to the wall. 
It may be easier for struggling learners to only use a few numbers at a time (3-5).

Give a student a number and they need to slap it with their open palm to show their recognition.

Looking for Number Slap Hands to 100?

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Slap Hand Series

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