FREE MISC. Lesson – “Leap Day Birthday Certificates”

If you teach for 30 years 7 to 8 of those years will be “Leap Years”.  If you teach for 30 years in a self-contained classroom with 20 students per year, you’ll have taught a total of 600 children!  Odds are that you’ll have at least one child during your teaching career that will be born on February 29th.

I’ve made a birthday certificate for that eventuality.  There are color and black ink versions.  Some of the certificates can be used this year (2016) which is a leap year.  I’ve also made some that can be used when it’s not a leap year.  Click on the second image to download it from my Teachers Pay Teachers shop.

Here’s some leap year trivia:  Do you think leap year is every 4 years?  Well, almost.  While it’s true that a leap year must be divisible by 4, it’s not the only requirement.  According to a Gregorian calendar, the beginning of a new century must also be divisible by 400 in order to qualify as a leap year.  The year 2000 was a leap year because it’s divisible by 400.  The next century will begin in 2100 and it won’t be a leap year!

leap-day-birthday-certificateHappy Leap Day!

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