FREE SCIENCE LESSON – “Monohybrid Mice! (Monohybrid Genetics Problems)”

by Amy Brown Science

7th – 12th Grade


Monohybrid Mice


Monohybrid Mice! (Practice problem worksheet for monohybrid genetics problems.)

This is a two page worksheet that has 4 monohybrid genetics problems. Each problem requires the student to fill in the Punnett square, fill in a table of genotypes and phenotypes and probabilities, and answer 7 to 8 questions about each problem.

This can be used as an introductory worksheet, as a homework assignment, or as a short quiz on monohybrid crosses.

All answers are included.

This worksheet is also available in a bundled product containing 7 practice problem worksheets on genetics. Click on this link to see the bundled product listing: Bundled Set of 7 Genetics Practice Problem Worksheets

Your download will include both a PDF file and a Word document.

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