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Be a Fall Detective: Sparkling Facts & Mindboggling Questions

By Sparking Children’s Thinkibility

Grades Kindergarten -4th Grade

Fun and engaging activities to encourage children to look at fall with new eyes.

This package contains

1. Pets preparing for the colder weather.

2. How can you help pets prepare for fall?

3.Think Diving for a Fall Detective – predicting the weather

4. Be a weather detective – make a tally

5. Think Diving for a Fall Detective – 6.Climate Change

6. What do squirrels eat?

7. Where do squirrels store their food?

8.Think Diving for a Squirrel Detective – Make a map

9. Leaf color

10. Can you draw a fractal-like pattern?

11. Underneath the Leaves

12. How do insects prepare for winter?

13. Ask the Animal Sparkling Questions about Hibernation

14. Spreading its wings

15, Do birds sing more or less in the fall months?

16. Coats for wintery weather wear

17. Think Diving for a Fall Detective – White winter fur and feathers

18. Random inspiration and Symmetry Using a Leaf Dice (template included)

19. Leaf Math Detective

20. Love is all around

21. I love fall because. . .

22. What games can I play in the fall wind?

23. Fall-filled words

24. Animal words

25. Fall dictionary

26.What if the fall fairy could grant you one wish? Write a letter

27. Falltastic questions

28. Fall Poem

29. Shape Poems

30. Raindrops

31. Owls

32. Writing prompts

33. Imagine

34. How can I build the world’s biggest leaf pile?

35. How do you plan a fall party?

36. Imagine that you are a fall detective

37. Write a mystery.

38. How to throw the perfect spooktacular party?

39. Comic strips

40. Question cards – fill in your own questions and use as inspiration for research and writing.

By Sparking Children’s Thinkibility

Grades Kindergarten -4th Grade

Be inspired by Halloween! 


I have packed several different types of activities in this package. Lots of fun and engaging math problems, biomimicry, and creative writing prompts.

1. Spot bats, toadstools, and treats.

Fun activities where the children are asked to make up their own math problems. Children often enjoy creating their own problems. This approach requires a deeper reflection upon numbers and basic arithmetic operations as compared to only providing an answer.

Halloween inspired multiplication and division cards. Students can make their own problems. Color and black and white versions.

2. Invent a toy inspired by jumping spiders.

Enter the fascinating world of spooky animals and tasty vegetables – from spiders to aye-aye with a witch-like long bony middle finger. Use the observations to design toys and solve problems.

Lessons about biomimicry require a brave approach to teaching since there is a move away from an approach where teachers are asking questions and looking for quick answers. Instead, young learners are given an opportunity to shape and explore their own ideas. Biomimicry and bioinspiration are constantly evolving and new ideas are explored to solve problems and designing innovations.


3. 16 writing prompts

Link to Spooky – Math, STEAM – Biomimicry, Writing Prompts