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We Teach So Hard…Episode 9: The Lies Teachers Believe Series, Lie #2 – Nice Girls Don’t Speak Up


Girl! Shut your mouth! Ever have anyone tell you that? Nice girls don’t talk politics. Nice girls don’t stand up when they’re being abused by employers. Nice girls don’t speak up when it’s wrong for kids. Seriously? Speaking up doesn’t mean you’re a “B—-!” Come laugh, cry, and examine why women teachers believe those lies about “nice girls.”

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We Teach So Hard Episode 4: Setting The Stage For Parent Curriculum Night & Open House

Got the open house blues? Got the curriculum night flop sweats? This episode is just for you! Crickets and second graders running amok work wonders for establishing those parent relationships! This episode of We Teach So Hard is filled with tips and tricks (along with a few nightmare stories) for a successful open house or curriculum night. Like what you hear? 

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