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Great K-2 stories for the transition back to school – and $100 TpT gift card giveaway!

Tried and true stories for the transition back to school: K-2


Looking for some tried, tested and true picture books to help little ones through the back to school transition? There’s no better way than to show them examples of others who have been there, felt the anxiety and learned how to manage it! Here are the the stories I go back to year after year for their familiarity, upbeat rhymes and modeling for kids.

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Stories with well-known characters:

Franklin Goes to School: Franklin is up early preparing for his first day of school, and feels increasingly nervous between breakfast, the school talk on the bus, and arrival.  A great story about how we can be different in many ways, yet the same in others, and therefore not alone.

In Froggy Goes to School, students enjoy experiencing Froggy’s first day of school along with him, as his teacher, Miss Witherspoon, gently guides him through reading his name, paying attention, staying in his seat and taking turns speaking.

The Berenstain Bears Go to School begins with Back-to-School shopping, and an encounter with Too-Tall and his gang leaving Sister Bear fearing the third grade. Momma Bear thinks a trip back through the photo album to when Sister Bear started kindergarten is in order, but she is still skeptical! A great story to encourage trying new things!


fra froggy BB go to Sch

Rhyming Books:

These stories boast upbeat language and rhythm along with a humorous look at the preparation and jitters associated with starting school. With colorful pictures to draw kids in and laughter to ease tension, they are great picks for putting everyone at ease.

Miss B Night b k Night b 1

Great books for easing anxiety:

These are the encouraging, warm-fuzzy books when subtle just isn’t quite enough.

The Kissing Hand is a sweet story of a mother Raccoon reassuring her child that has comforted millions suffering with separation anxiety over the past twenty years.  Older sibling wisdom gives I Am Too Absolutely Small for School its authenticity while Llama Llama Misses Mama offers the reassurance that parents do return at the end of the day to pick up their children.

Kiss H absolutely llama

 Here’s a fun playlist for your listening center!


Back to School stories playlist free on ThatFunReadingTeacher.com


Do you have some favorite stories to recommend? Please share in the comments!



Feelings stories for children - When I feel anxious


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Best wishes to those of you who are already back in class, and all who are preparing!

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Read and Write and DIFFERENTIATE by printing – for Valentine’s Day!

Read and Write and DIFFERENTIATE by printing - for Valentine's Day!

A significant part of my support role to kindergarten and primary teachers in recent years has been to provide instruction and / or resources to differentiate instruction for little people in literacy.

Within one class, the range of abilities can span four grades. A little one’s tolerance to frustration towards a task that is too difficult, or another’s need for something to challenge his or her learning for just the right amount of time, can be a tough order to fill – especially at the same time – after gym and snack time and before recess, library and reading buddies.

I have designed my Read and Write and More packages to allow teachers to #DifferentiateByPrinting. There are always activities in each of these products to address a variety of needs.

Valentine Scrambled Sentences:

(Note: The colored sentence strips shown in the first example are provided in the Valentine’s Day Read and Write and More set. There are two different sentence options to choose from to photocopy onto each color paper, with six identical scrambled sentences on each strip).

Val sent sheet  Slide6 Slide7

Having the option to place and paste sentence strips, place and copy sentence strips, work without the strips on easier or more challenging sentences, means that many pre-writers, early writers and / or are independent writers have an accessible starting point.

Valentine Rhyme and Ending Sounds:

See it, hear it, read it? Assessment or  fun practice activities?
I use the following pages for fun small group review, then send them home for the fridge, where my wish is for the back-of-the-cereal box effect.

When I am doing the following rhyme activity with students, I am mindful of my data. Those who need more practice listening for rhyme and ending sounds and who automatically compare letter patterns at the ends of words will get the sheet without print. Proficient rhymers who need more practice with looking closely at print will get the copy with the words. And, of course, other days there will be other activities for those who do not fit neatly into those categories. 

Slide5 Slide4 Slide3

Check out these fantastic ideas and resources on our Rhyme Time board below:
Follow That Fun Reading Teacher’s board Rhyme Time! on Pinterest.

Valentine’s Day Read and Write and More contains a number of other fun literacy activities, including:


Graphic Organizers, Writing Paper,

B & W Cards to color with insert ->

Valentine Graphic Organizers and Cards

And for another day…

…activities for the 100th day of school!


The Read and Write and More sets always contain three-part graphic organizers, thematic writing paper, and fun, literacy activities with an explanation page, ideas and options to help make activities accessible to a wide range of kindergarten to grade 2 students.

We all remember our little students on Valentine’s Day. Check out the freebies below to be sure no one is missed!

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