Addition Word Problems (June)

Addition Word Problems (June)

Addition Word Problems (June)


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This product is now available in a Bundle (Addition Word Problems BUNDLE) with 11 other word problem packs. This bundle offers a 10% savings.

You can also SAVE 15% by purchasing this product in Addition and Subtraction Word Problems BUNDLE.

Addition word problems in this packet are correlated to common core standard MCCKOA 2. There are 21 pages. Each page contains one addition word problem to solve. There is a number line for students to use to solve the problem. An empty box is available for students to draw the matching picture for the word problem. There is also a ten frame box for students to use for counters or for drawing or coloring in the boxes and an equation box containing blanks, a plus sign, and an equals sign.

The 21 word problems are about beach balls, umbrellas, beach chairs, fish, palm trees, crabs, flip-flops, dolphins, jellyfish, octopus, shovels, shells, surfboards, t-shirts, seahorses, wagon ride, jump rope, frogs, roller skates, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

This addition word problems pack is great for DIFFERENTIATING for your student needs. Having a variety of strategies to solve the word problems is great when conducting math groups of different ability levels. Lower level students may only draw a picture while higher level students may solve the problem using all 4 strategies.

Many other addition and subtraction word problem packets are available as well as addition and subtraction problems (sums to 10) with manipulatives.

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