Empower and motivate beginning readers by showing them they can already read!


Looking for a way to empower and motivate beginning readers? Show them they can already read! Think of all of the things in our environment that kids can already read (and even write!). (Related aside – I remember marveling at a set of twins I tested for the Reading Recovery program in our school. Both could only write a handful of words, one of which was BATMAN. Mom later told me it was on their bedspreads. )

Is that garbage on my bulletin board?

When I still a fairly new teacher, I returned from my first maternity leave six weeks into the school year. An experienced teacher had covered my leave, so I was quite surprised at the state of one of my bulletin boards. At first glance, it looked like it was filled with garbage! Cups, napkins, wrappers and containers from fast food restaurants; flyers, newspaper and magazine ads took up most of the space. And then my eyes caught the title in the middle of the board. Look what we can read. Thank you Mrs. Coo. Those kids, and every child I have taught since that time, knew they were readers before they had ever had a worry in their heads about sight words, reading levels or report cards.

The magic of believing

Two words. Santa Claus.

Kids believe the adults they trust. When the grown-ups in their lives believe that they can already read, live the truth that reading is fun and mistakes are opportunities for learning, they will feel empowered to make attempts at unknown words and motivated to try new strategies as they encounter more difficult reading materials.

Make an ‘I can read’ book!

I used to have my Reading Recovery students create their own I can read books out of materials gathered from home and photos we took at school.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, but certainly for use any time of year, I’ve published a Level A/B Sight-Word-Stages reader and writing set:

I can read to Mom - Level A/B Sight-Word-Stages Reader and Writing Set Single set for now, but free update will make it a 2 pack before Father's Day 2017 $

Single set for now, but a free update will make it a 2 pack before Father’s Day 2017, with a second reader starring dads! Thank you so much in advance to those of you who leave feedback.


Interested in starting a classroom collection of Sight-Word-Stages Level A/B reading and writing sets? This title is included in a GROWING BUNDLE…

Level A and B Sight-Word-Stages Readers and Writing Activities Bundle

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