FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON – “Free Lesson Storytelling Using Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces Halloween Theme”

by DramaMommaSpeaks
4th – 7th Grade

Free! Create stories using jigsaw puzzle pieces is a fun warm-up for your class for October using a Halloween theme. This activity gives students the opportunity to work cooperatively at a relaxed pace and use their creative problem-solving skills. Using the jigsaw puzzle pieces as a way to team up the students, they create a mini-story based on the pieces, write it and share it with the class. It can be adapted to many grade levels and subjects, but I recommend fourth through seventh.

Many grade levels and subjects use this warm up-drama, language arts, art, music, social studies, etc. Select postcards or make your own (most appropriate for your subject), turn them into puzzle pieces and go!

Time tested by veteran award-winning drama teacher of 38 years.

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Reviews of Dramamommaspeaks Products:

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“WOW! WHAT an AWESOME Resource!!!! Thanks for providing the questions, the links, a couple of different teaching options. This could be a great sub plan, but I know every teacher wants to do this lesson for themselves. Love that you finished with a great tweet from L M Miranda. Kids are gonna love THIS.”

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“This resource is a fantastic way to tie Social Studies into reading! Thank you!”

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“This resource greatly added to my fractured fairy tale theatre unit! Thank you!”

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