FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON – “Summer Reading Club – reading incentive program”

by Kathy Hutto
1st – 5th Grade

Summer Reading Club was designed to give your child a worthwhile reading incentive for the summer.

Your child(ren) log the books that they read on the sheet provided.

They can then turn in their completed sheets for a Reading Certificate and for prizes.

There are several logs to choose from suitable for all ages.

There are printable bookmarks and activity pages as well.

Have Fun Reading!


You can choose to set your Summer Reading Club up any way you wish.

Here is one suggestion:

Print a log sheet for each child. There are several to choose from.

For every book completed (or designated time spent reading), award your child a token.

Allow your children to turn in their tokens for the cool prizes listed on the Token Redemption Sheet. They may turn them in whenever or on a designated day, such as every Friday.

At the end of the summer or when a certain number of books or hours spent reading has been achieved, reward your children with the Reading Certificate included.

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