FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON – “Teaching Ideas Week #3”

by Connie
6th – 12th Grade

Welcome, colleagues, to Week #3 of my free weekly Teaching Ideas. This newsletter allows me to add details to the summaries I put on TpT and in my blog posts on

These short articles share a casual conversational tone as the details give you all more insight into how each product will enhance your students’ desire to learn as you attain your academic goals. Although the products are not free, the ideas regarding how to teach the summaries in this newsletter are. Enjoy browsing!

Week #3 focuses on writing right and includes 6 products from my Writing Custom Category:

Writing: Showing Not Telling-The Emotion Potion:

Writing: Start Strong!: (Freebie)

Writing Warm-up Activities: Mental Stretches:

Writing Process Activities: Write Right! Essay Writing Made Easy:

Writing Activity- Be Be BE SPECIFIC:


Writing: Make Every Word Count:Ban Writing Bugs!:

Enjoy a Teach It Write Right Day Every Day.


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