FREE SCIENCE LESSON – “Abiotic and Biotic Factors”

by Science Health and PE Materials

5th – 9th Grade

Use this worksheet as a warm up, do now activity or for general reading comprehension. This worksheet is free and is 1 of 13 handouts that is included in the Introduction to Environmental Science Workbook. The following topics are included in the Workbook:

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Page 1- Intro to Ecology (Free)
Page 2- Abiotic vs Biotic Factors (Free)
Page 3- What is an Ecosystem?
Page 4- Producers and Consumers
Page 5- The Food Chain
Page 6- Biomes
Page 7 – Niche
Page 8 – Habitat
Page 9 – Generalist vs Specialist
Page 10- Competition
Page 11 – Competitive Exclusion
Page 12- Mutualism in Extreme Environments
Page 13 – Energy in the Ecosystem

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