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BINGO is a fun way to review new concepts and vocabulary words. The words in this BINGO set relate to the topics of  Kings, Queens and the Feudal System, and makes the perfect review for the eight  pages of informational text that are included in this product. The passages can also be used for CLOSE READING, using any non-fiction graphic organizer (not included).

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This product includes:

8 One-Page Passages of Informational Text (LEXILE  850-950)

36 Unique Bingo Cards (18 pages with two cards per sheet)

The Caller’s Tracking Sheet

24 Calling Cards Containing Words and Clues

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Informational Text

There are eight pages of informational text about the topic: Kings, Queens and the Feudal System. The passages cover the following topics:

  • The Feudal System
  • Becoming King; Becoming Queen
  • The Coronation
  • Qualities and Abilities of Royalty
  • Famous Medieval Kings
    • William the Conqueror
    • Richard I
    • King John
  • Famous Medieval Queens
    • Matilda of Flanders
    • Eleanor of Aquitaine
  • Other Classes of the Feudal System


Words that are included:

King, Queen, Pope, Feudal System, Regent, Nobles, Consort, Serf, Peasant, Magna Carta, King John, Crusades, Matilda of Flanders, Clergy, Skilled Laborers, William the Conqueror, Taxes, Fief, Duchy, Loyalty and Service, Long Live the King!,  Coronation, Charter, Eleanor of Aquitaine


Although all cards contain the same 24 words, the order on each card is unique.  Each student will find every word on their card.  Of course, this means “blackout” is not a good option – although my students sometimes insisted on playing all the way through and singing out “BINGO” in unison at the end!


This product is great for a large group, class or co-op.!  It can be played in the traditional way where the instructor randomly chooses one of the cards and calls out the word.  Or, to play as a review game, the instructor can read the clue that appears on the card below the BINGO word.

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(Note: The informational text also appears in my Medieval Careers  Lesson Plan)

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