LANGUAGE ARTS – “Reading Final Stable Syllables”

Grades 1-4

by Reading on Strawberry Lane

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This reading packet provides 23 word lists of the final stable syllable type words. Also, a master list of all the words is included as a quick reference. A final stable consonant is one of the six types of syllables in reading. Each list in this unit includes words using all the vowels with a final stable consonant. Reading will become more manageable for students once they understand syllable types. Download my free alphabet cards. Using these cards will give students another strategy to help them decode and encode words. These ready-made word lists can be used in the multiple ways:
• as a source to help you in create your own reading and spelling activities
• for ABC order
• to complete word sorts
• develop more accurate and fluent readers
• read words for homework
• use for spelling lists
• quick reading assessments
• practice and re-teach reading skills
• supplement general education curriculum
• compare and contrast with other syllable types
• use at a word work station
• print as a student booklet by clicking print, printer properties, and booklet.

Final Stable DefinitionFinal Stable 4Final Stable 3